Site Visit w/ Nick Knacks Creative Interiors

This week we met up with Nick Dillon and his crew at Nick Knacks Creative Interiors. The guys are off to a good start on this residential lighting project in South Williamsburg, which they were awarded via Sweeten. For the homeowners, a thorough revamp of the lighting scheme in their 1400 sqft home all started with one dark closet. In addition to the closet, not a single one of their 3 bedrooms nor the living and dining spaces was equipped with overhead lighting. Nick worked closely with the homeowners to come up with the best lighting solutions for each space. In order to finish the job, they’ll also be replacing the existing, standard ceiling-mounted hallway fixtures with something a little more stylish.

Here’s Nick, owner of Nick Knack’s Creative Interiors, showing off a microphone-style track fixture. As we saw in an earlier post, Nick is serious about his prep work in order to protect his clients’ homes and belongings while the tools are out. Here he is on day 1 prepping the guest bedroom with one of his crew members. Here’s an example of a dark corner in the living space that really needed some overhead light. Nick helped the homeowners come up with a track light system that will fit the space perfectly. The team started work in the living and dining areas. In only a matter of a few hours they’d drawn electricity through to the new 3-way switches and fixture locations, and by the end of the first day the tracks were already installed. Here’s where they added a switch location and have drawn power through. We loved the brushed steel tracks & fixtures these homeowners chose for the living room. Nick suggested 3-way switches for the spacious, open living / dining space, and they installed these Lutron Maestro digital dimmers (600 Watts). On our second visit we could see more of Nick’s systematic style. Back in the dining space, the guys had installed “pigtail” lamps in place of the future fixture, which will be an industrial-style chandelier from Rejuvenation. Nick said these dangling pigtail lights represent where the new electrical connections had been made and properly secured. Next, the cuts to the ceiling (and walls) will need to be patched with drywall, then plastered and painted, before the final fixtures are installed. After the living / dining spaces, Nick and his crew moved into the guest bedroom and office, leaving more pigtails behind until the ceiling has been mended.

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At this point, they’re almost halfway finished with this 7-day job. Next they’ll be working on a new entryway chandelier and the master bedroom. We can’t wait to see all the new fixtures installed!

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