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  • “This was a great service and I’m so happy I used it. The bathrooms turned out absolutely beautiful and were exactly what I wanted. But more than anything, I found a supportive and honest contractor.”

    Marek B., North Hollywood
  • “Overall, I am extremely happy with the contractor team. Renovations are never easy, and they handled the project with professionalism. Every person I dealt with was friendly and helpful.”

    Kala M., Van Nuys
  • “For us, it was invaluable to have instant responses from local, qualified professionals who were interested in our job. It is so difficult to make cold calls and actually find contractors who are available. In the past, we would find someone, but they'd be booked for the next 4 months–this would waste so much time.”

    Steven W., Eagle Rock
  • “I am really happy with Sweeten and the help I received in finding a contractor. He communicates well and gives much consideration on how to carry out a project in a cost effective and efficient manner while balancing considerations for the tenants.”

    Andre F., Little Armenia
  • “I definitely liked working with Sweeten, particularly at the start of the reno process. Finding a dependable contractor is normally a long, arduous process. There are many phone calls and emails and people just vanishing after you talk to them. Contractors can be super flaky. Using Sweeten as a sort of "agency" for contractors was SO helpful and definitely reduced my stress level from the start. We received quite a few recommendations, met with all of them, and ultimately found our contractor. We were very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Sweeten to others.”

    Saima S., Inglewood
  • “I don't think we would've found them if it weren't for Sweeten. The ability to quickly pair you with pre-vetted contractors sped up the initial stages of the project for us. We were able to get two very detailed quotes within a week, and while we didn't go with the other company, my impression of them was that they were also very skilled and capable of executing our vision. Gone are the days of sifting through Yelp reviews to find capable contractors, only to find out that they are unable to accommodate your schedule. With Sweeten, I love that contractors can read your proposal ahead of time, so you know that those who respond have the current capacity to take on your project. This saves so much time and effort.”

    Ricky P., Glassell Park

What is a general contractor?

The general contractor is in charge of overseeing all aspects related to remodeling a major project. From planning and permitting, they orchestrate all of the logistics that go into demolition as well as construction. Your Sweeten general contractor in Los Angeles will work with you to complete your project. If you hire an architect or designer, they will collaborate with your GC to execute the floorplans and bring them to fruition. Your contractor also has a team of subcontractors that they use for different trade specialties, and might require other professionals like expeditors or engineers. 

If you want your remodeling project completed properly, having an experienced expert who can work with your condo/co-op board or HOA to get necessary approvals for the job is important. Approvals are known to be common hurdles during the start of a renovation. The GC will then move your project from concept to the final stage overseeing every step of the remodel with the goal of delivering quality workmanship and on budget. Read more about the process and the costs of working with a home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles.

Hiring a contracting firm is important to the success of your renovation projects. You will need one who has experience with a scope like yours and can provide an estimate that works with your budget. It’s also crucial a general contractor in Los Angeles is licensed and insured to work in your area. Post your project with Sweeten, and we will connect you with top local firms to set up site visits for projects typical around your location, including kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and entire home remodels.

How does Sweeten connect me with the top general contractors for my Los Angeles remodeling project?

Finding the perfect GC for your renovation project may seem daunting, but there are key elements to consider that can simplify and inform your search. To ensure a successful outcome, it’s important to seek out a home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles whose services match both the scope of work in terms of budget, location, and building type as well as one with whom you share an ideal communication style and sense of professionalism. That’s where Sweeten’s free general contractor matching service can help. Our network of contracting firms is formed through thorough vetting so we are only working with the top local pros in the industry. Post your renovation project on Sweeten and be connected to a specific group aligned with your criteria which:

  • are licensed, insured, and vetted
  • have experience with renovations like yours
  • do work in your city, town, or neighborhood
  • are already interested in your project based on its budget and scope
  • guarantee their work

Read more about how Sweeten works.

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