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Sweeten brings homeowners a superior renovation experience, by personally matching your project to trusted general contractors. We offer a streamlined competitive bidding process and expert guidance—at no cost to you. Tell us your vision for your home and we'll introduce you to a selection of general contractors who have the right skills for your renovation, at your budget, and who are ready to bring your vision to life. All Sweeten general contractors have passed our industry-leading vetting process for professional qualifications, work quality, and communication skills.

No, Sweeten is much more than a list! At Sweeten, we actively match general contractors to your project based on several renovation criteria, including renovation type, required specialties, location, budget range, and required design and architecture services. We provide guidance and online tools to streamline the process. From matchmaking through construction, Sweeten team members work closely with the contractor to help minimize surprises and to keep your renovation moving forward.

Sweeten general contractors perform transformative home renovations starting at $15,000. If your project will require more than one kind of trade (carpentry, masonry, flooring, plumbing, etc.) then Sweeten is probably right for you.

We're always moving into new service areas. To see if we currently renovate in your area, visit our Locations page.

Each Sweeten general contractor has passed our rigorous application process, which includes checks for all required licensing, checks for full insurance coverage, evaluations of their work quality, live interviews to establish trust and professionalism, and interviews with previous clients. We learn everything about our contractors, so we can make the most accurate matches possible. See our Contractor Vetting page.

No! Because of the competitive nature of the construction industry, Sweeten general contractors can't afford to be any more expensive than their competitors, whether other Sweeten general contractors or local contractors outside the Sweeten network.

Sweeten general contractors are awesome, so we definitely recommend working with them! However, you are under absolutely no obligation to do so.

Sweeten is completely free to renovating homeowners and business owners. We receive a commission from Sweeten general contractors on any renovation awarded to them through our platform. They treat our commission as a business development expense, so they don’t charge it back to you. See How it works.

Just like the saying, home, sweet home—we're here to help you Sweeten your space!

Using the Website

Yes—we publish unedited feedback from our community to help you make the best hiring decision for your renovation. Every Sweeten general contractor has a profile page, which includes reviews from their previous Sweeten clients. After you post your renovation and get matched to your shortlist of Sweeten general contractors, you’ll be able read each contractor’s company description, view photos from their previous renovations, and read their reviews.

Sweeten general contractors must maintain consistently positive reviews to stay in the Sweeten network. We ask for feedback from every homeowner who renovates with us, in order to help keep our contractor network strong.

Sweeten will provide you with a unique set of matches for each renovation you post. However, in most cases, multiple renovations in your home can be done most efficiently by just one Sweeten general contractor. So, it's generally best to condense your renovations into a single post, using the most significant portion of your renovation as a starting point.

You can upload image files up to 10mb using the following formats: .jpg / .jpeg, .gif, or .png.

If you're a property owner, you can go to your Project Settings page to close a project (select the menu next to the project name). Go to your User Settings to delete your account.

If you are a Sweeten general contractor, contact your Account Manager.

What Happens Next?

  • You own the property OR you are in contract and have a closing date scheduled
  • You are able to easily access the property for meetings with general contractors
  • You have ideas about your budget range, scope of work, timeline and priorities

You and your contractor will work directly with one another to establish a payment schedule and process. Many of our contractors will accept payments directly through our platform, using Sweeten Payments.

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