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How it works

Connect with 3 great contractors


Tell us about the renovation you’re planning, using our project questionnaire. We’ll ask for your project scope, timeline, and budget. This helps us curate the perfect contractor list.

Sweeten’s online tools help you clarify your project scope and align it with your budget.

After sharing your project details, you’ll get a shortlist of Sweeten-vetted general contractors, matched to you based on your unique project criteria.

Our team has diligently pre-screened every contractor in our network for you.

Evaluate your matched contractors’ profiles, portfolios, and customer reviews. Choose the 3 you’d like to bid on your project.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can decline your matches and request new ones from a Sweeten matchmaker.

Get your competitive bids


Set up a separate meeting with each contractor to review your project goals on site. They’ll then prepare an estimate, or “bid.” Some contractors prefer to start with a quick call.

Use Sweeten’s tools for scheduling, messaging, or to host virtual site visits by video with your contractors.

When you’ve received your bids, it’s decision time. Review each estimate for the total cost, and for what’s included—or excluded. Contractors prepare estimates differently.

Take advantage of a free bid-leveling call with a Sweeten renovation specialist. Their expertise can help you make the most informed choice.

Renovate fearlessly


Agree on a contract with your chosen contractor. Make it official by uploading your signed contract, and paying your contractor’s deposit through Sweeten Secure Pay.

Pay your contractor’s deposit safely and easily with Secure Pay—for complete peace of mind.


Here’s where the magic happens! Your contractor will keep you informed throughout the construction process.

Sweeten’s team is dedicated to your renovation’s success. We’re always here and happy to offer guidance if you need it.

Once you’ve checked off every item on your construction punch list, celebrate this amazing moment! Then, help out future renovators by completing your review on Sweeten.

Let us know if you’d like us to consider featuring your project on our blog. We provide free professional photography for accepted projects.

Sweeten is the only renovation service that supports a true competitive bidding process

The right contractors

We match you with a competitive selection of contractors who are especially well-qualified for your project.

Multiple estimates

Our platform tools make it quick and intuitive to get the recommended 3 estimates or “bids,” from these contractors.

Bid-leveling service

We offer guidance, in the form of a complimentary bid-leveling call, to help you make the best hiring decision.

Before you get started

Budget minimum

Sweeten general contractors excel in all types of major renovations ranging from $15,000 to $3 million+.

Access to space

You should own or have access to the space you want to renovate. If you don’t yet own the property, begin planning after you’re in contract.

Ready to hire

When you’re ready to hire, post your project on Sweeten and we’ll introduce you to contractors who are ready to work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Sweeten

We are absolutely free to the homeowner! Our vetted network of contractors pays us a commission when they’re hired through our service. Because we connect them with a steady stream of projects, they’re especially motivated to keep Sweeten clients happy.

Nope! Signing up with us or posting a project creates absolutely no obligation to hire a Sweeten contractor. Please do consider the advantages you’ll enjoy—including our trusted general contractors, our expert support team, and Sweeten Secure Pay.

In the unlikely event of problems that you can’t resolve with the contractor, our team is here to step in. We’ll also check in at different points during your renovation to make sure everything’s on track.

Competitive bidding

We encourage you to schedule site visits with 3 general contractors. Each of them will bid on your project, and you’ll then have the information you need to hire with confidence.

Since general contractors don’t follow a standard format for writing estimates, each bid requires some analysis and translation. Don’t make decisions based solely on the bottom-line numbers—it’s critical to examine what each contractor is offering in their estimate. You may find significant differences!

This process can feel overwhelming—especially if you don’t have experience analyzing construction bids. This is why Sweeten is happy to help by offering a free bid-leveling call.

This free call is an opportunity to dive into the bids, to clarify what each one offers. Just as important, it’s an opportunity to get the inside scoop on each contractor, based on our experience working with them.

We also encourage you to ask broader questions during the call, and to seek advice about the next steps. We’re happy to discuss details including contractor negotiation etiquette, payment schedules, change orders, and scheduling.

In short, no. A very low bid might reflect a great value—or it might reflect a mistake or an underestimation of your project’s scope. If you receive three bids that are similar, and one that is much lower, the low one deserves extra scrutiny.

There are also factors to consider beyond the bid—like the contractors’ communication styles, and how you feel about their proposed solutions and creative ideas.

It empowers you to compare contractors in terms of cost and service level, along with intangible qualities like rapport and communication style. You’ll be able to make the most informed decision about which firm to hire.

It's the standard construction industry practice of soliciting bids—or “estimates”—from multiple contractors for the same project. The industry standard for major renovations is 3 bids.

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