Win High-Quality Leads with Sweeten

We send you real renovation projects, with a minimum budget of $15,000.
We educate clients about cost, scope, and process—realistic expectations mean happier clients.

Why Sweeten?

Only pay when you win

You pay us when you win a project. We treat you as a partner, and help you win. Your success is our success.

Highest-quality projects

We vet each project lead for readiness and appropriate budget. Budgets start at $15,000. Average project value is over $100,000.

Vetted leads, matched to you

We match you with projects that fit your preferences and expertise. We only send leads who have seen your portfolio and want to meet.

Grow Your Business with Sweeten


Projects Posted on Sweeten

 Projects Posted on Sweeten


Average Awarded Contract Value

Average Awarded Contract Value


Contracts Were Valued at $50k+

Contracts Were Valued at $50k+


Of Winning General Contractors Booked over $100k

Of Winning General Contractors Booked over $100k

What General Contractors Say About Us

"Sweeten brings larger projects and provides a great platform. It feels as if we are a part of the team."
Thomas & Mike Sweeten contractors since 2017
$173K Avg.Project Value
Thomas &  Mike Sweeten contractors since 2017
"Sweeten's app and website are easy to use, and it's easy to accept leads. We enjoy the account manager relationship, and how Sweeten provides assistance with clients."
Maisha and Saladin Sweeten contractors since 2018
5 Avg. Jobs/Year
Maisha and Saladin Sweeten contractors since 2018
"Sweeten brings qualified leads ready to start a job. The team is great and it feels as if I am working with a partner instead of a services."
Phil Sweeten contractor since 2016
112% Y/Y Growth
Phil Sweeten contractor since 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Free! There is no cost to sign up with Sweeten and no cost to receive leads.

Pay only when you win!

For projects under $100k, our fee is 6% of the total contract value. For projects over $100k, our fee is 6% for the first $100k, and 2.5% for the additional value.

  • We learn everything we can about the project scope.
  • We reject single-trade and handyman jobs. With rare exceptions, our jobs are over $15k.
  • We make sure the homeowner’s budget is adequate.
  • We only send leads that meet your criteria (project type, location, minimum budget).

Because we only get paid when you win, we only want to send you quality leads. We respect your valuable time.

We consider you a partner—your success is our success.

Would you like Sweeten to serve your area? Please let us know!