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We only select general contractors we’d recommend to our friends, family, and neighbors, and who have:

  • insurance
  • excellent quality of work
  • professional communication skills
  • local licenses
  • great references
  • plenty of experience
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Getting started and staying organized has never been easier. On our platform you’ll find:

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  • inspiration photos and stories
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We can guide you through the entire process and help with:

  • scope and budget
  • contractor communication
  • timelines

People Love Renovating With Us

Loved my contractor and loved having Sweeten as a resource.
- Lisa
Pallavi & Keyur
Our contractor was knowledgeable, flexible, and always available when we texted or called or emailed.
- Pallavi & Keyur
Sweeten helped me reconsider my budget and plan for a project that had been stalled for months.
- Pepper
We'd definitely come back to Sweeten if we had another project.
- Davison
Laura & Matthew
This was definitely a dream on a budget—our Sweeten expert and his incredible team really made that happen!
- Laura & Matthew
Megan & Ryan
We were first-time renovators and our contractor had the patience to help us find materials and map out what we needed.
- Megan & Ryan
Cara & Jared
Our contractor was able to come in, be a calming influence at a stressful time, and meet deadlines from our board.
- Cara & Jared
Sophia & Leon
This was a great first-time renovating experience and we are so happy in our new home!
- Sophia & Leon
Working with my general contractor was great — she took care of everything.
- Ketrina
KV Harper
My contractor was always on time and cleaned up every day—which if you've ever done a renovation, you know that’s a rarity.
- KV Harper
Joel & Eric
Sweeten was a godsend for our renovation project…they got our large project completed on time and with quality.
- Joel & Eric
Jerry & Janet
We know that by using Sweeten, the general contractors we choose are ones we can really trust.
- Jerry & Janet
From our first meeting, it was clear that our Sweeten contractor was willing to indulge my creative side.
- Jenna
I was thrilled to find Sweeten, posted my project, and selected a contractor from a list of really excellent matches.
- Meredith
Maria & Eric
From initial walk-through to the end of the renovation, we’ve been very pleased with our experience.
- Maria & Eric
Nikki & Chris
Sweeten introduced me to my general contractor and it was like meeting an old friend…she seemed to “get” me immediately.
- Nikki & Chris
Lindsay & Matt
Sweeten was great in helping us find a contractor in a pinch.
- Lindsay & Matt
Deniz & Ramon
Sweeten was easy to use and helped us find our fit easily. Our contractors were highly professional and here every day.
- Deniz & Ramon
My Sweeten contractor was a perfect find for someone like me—overwhelmed and a total novice at the whole renovation process!
- Rima
Deeksha & Joe
I don’t have enough words to communicate just how seamless this process was. We were thrilled to work with our contractor.
- Deeksha & Joe