Small Laundry Room Ideas for City Dwellers Short on Space

by Kelley Rowland

These small laundry room ideas will have you washing your hands of busy city laundromats for good.

Whether or not you have an extra room to spare in your apartment, you can still reap the benefits of a washer and dryer. Stack your machines, tuck them into closets, or go for a washer/dryer combo that pulls double duty in a single appliance. Here’s how Sweeten homeowners’ small laundry room ideas gave them the modern convenience of in-home laundry.

Small Laundry Room Idea 1: Laundry Closets

laundry closet

Kim and Igor decided to stay in their apartment and renovate instead of finding something new. One key part of making more out of the space involved optimizing an existing laundry closet. By extending the wall, they were able to add a pantry to hold cleaning supplies and essentials.

laundry closet

Laundry in the kitchen may work for some, but in Tara and Ryan’s loft, the laundry location (directly facing the island) disrupted the flow. A simple swap made all the difference: rotating the units 180 degrees so the washer and dryer were adjacent to the bathroom instead.

Small Laundry Room Idea 2: Combine Bath + Laundry Room

laundry room in bathroom

Turns out 24 square feet is just the right amount of a space for a half-bath and laundry combo. Other contractors turned down Lynn and Craig’s number one request—an in-unit washer and dryer—because they thought they’d have to tap into the toilet line and disturb the apartment below. Their Sweeten contractor, however, found a solution. Instead of tapping into the toilet line and affecting the apartment below (as others had suggested) they used the sink’s water line.

laundry room and bathroom

After a DIY demo, Elizabeth finally gave her bathroom the remodel it deserved. Her Sweeten general contractor helped her reimagine the full bathroom/utility room, finding extra square footage behind a wall. The extra space made it possible to install a larger shower and vanity, plus add more storage for laundry items. Stacking the units helped maximize the square footage, too.

Small Laundry Room Idea 3: Add A Full Laundry Room

laundry room

After the dining room, this full laundry space is Nazli and Larry’s favorite part of their renovated brownstone—and it’s easy to see why. The designated room offers an area to fold and store clean laundry and hold all necessary supplies. They built out the room on the second floor of the house.

Small Laundry Room Idea 4: Add Kitchen Units

Stacked washer and dryer hidden in kitchen

For self-described “completely non-creative people,” Holly and Christian’s approach to a laundry area goes to show there is some creativity in all of us. A gut renovation of the kitchen and a reimagining of the existing layout placed the new fridge next to a stackable washer and dryer, and concealed the pair behind paneling.

under-counter washer in kitchen

Marissa and Jeremy opted for a washer/dryer combination unit that fit perfectly under their kitchen countertop. While they had to give up having a separate and faster dryer, what they gained in space was worth it. “Now we put in our laundry at night and in the morning it’s dry and we have a nice clear counter above it to fold our clothes before we put them away. It fits our lifestyle,” Marissa shared.

What about creating a dining area or workspace into your apartment as well? These 7 solutions from how to live large in a small apartment will help you figure out how to make it happen.

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