5 Times Sweeten Contractors Saved the Day

They stepped up to make the renovator’s experience the best it could be

When you post your project on Sweeten, you get the guarantee of a contractor who’s licensed, vetted for their quality of work, and matched to your specific renovation. Sweeten general contractors are there to manage your project from start to completion and make sure you not only have the finished product of a home, sweet home, but a smooth experience getting there, too. While there may be bumps in the road, it’s the experience that a good contractor has to navigate the potholes.

We’re impressed every day by the work the contractors in our network do! Ahead, we highlight a few of many instances where Sweeten contractors came through for their renovators in a big way.

living room(Above) Homeowner Mimi’s renovation completed by a Sweeten general contractor

When the homeowner had a vacation booked. “I was especially glad I found a contractor I could trust because I had actually preplanned a three-week-long vacation overseas before I knew I was going to be in the middle of renovations (and ended up breaking my phone two days in!). I was a bit nervous leaving right in the middle of all of the construction, but my Sweeten contractor gave me a lot of confidence that the project could proceed without me. So I picked out all of the finishes I wanted, ordered the fixtures, packed my bags and left right in the middle of the project. Sure enough, by the time I got back, the job was nearly complete!”

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living room(Above) Homeowner Gayle’s renovation completed by a Sweeten general contractor

When family comes first. “I never felt like I was out of the loop on what was going on with our contractor and his team. Even when our mom became ill one month into construction, we didn’t have a lot of time to talk to him or meet with him, but our back and forth communication had been so great before that he was able to just keep going, handling all of the small decisions and only calling if there was a major decision that needed our input. It was a relief that the work didn’t stop.”

white kitchen cabinets and drawers with brushed steel faucet and sink near window after renovation (Above) Homeowner Gloria’s renovation completed by a Sweeten general contractor

When they acted as a “neighbor whisperer.” The general contractor went door to door with his client to alert neighbors of a plumbing situation, relieving the client of her anxiety and showing enormous support: “Our contractor went with us to each unit to explain what would happen even though they were not the ones replacing the plumbing. Magically, we easily got everyone’s agreement once they were told the entire situation.”

(Above) Homeowner Allyson’s renovation completed by a Sweeten general contractor

When the homeowner had a very clear vision. Allyson’s plan for her bathroom was anything but cookie-cutter and involved a lot of coordination to ensure the materials were the right size and came in on time. “My contractor was patient and never dismissed my ideas as ridiculous or impossible. If something wasn’t how I liked it, he made sure that it was corrected. Because a lot of the items I wanted to use came from outside of the country, he worked around my undependable delivery schedule.  He took a potentially stressful situation and provided steady guidance and expertise.”

open kitchen living and dining in one stock space and large window and hardwood floors and oak and white kitchen cabinets after renovation (Above) Homeowners Roxana and Gabriel’s renovation completed by a Sweeten general contractor

When a renovation required a little “hacking.” Roxana and Gabriel wanted to make a lot of modifications to an Ikea kitchen system—including integrated appliances. The couple spent so much time searching for a refrigerator that could fit into what was formerly a coat closet, and their contractor cut custom panels to cover it. “Our contractor was very patient with all my crazy ideas and helped me make them actually work. He helped brainstorm a lot of the Ikea ‘hacking’ and was very patient with us.”

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