How is Sweeten Different for General Contractors?

Want to know how Sweeten helps contractors? We’re invested in your success, and we don’t waste your time.

why is Sweeten different

Sweeten matches general contractors with high-quality home renovation projects, vetted for readiness and appropriate budget. Contractors win through a competitive bidding process, and pay only when they win. Budgets start at $15,000, with an average of $80,000.

Pay Only-When-You-Win business model

You only pay us when you win a job. Sweeten doesn’t charge you to sign up with us, and we don’t charge you for leads. Our fee is a small percentage of the total contract value. Most contracting firms consider it a business development expense.

Why is this important? We only get paid when you get paid. It doesn’t serve us to waste your time by sending you dozens of low-quality leads, or by sending the same leads to dozens of random contractors.

Renovate to live, Sweeten to thrive!

Sweeten brings homeowners an exceptional renovation experience by personally matching trusted general contractors to your project, while offering expert guidance and support—at no cost to you.

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Sweeten cares about your success—we consider you a partner.

Highest Quality Projects

We only send you legitimate, transformative renovation projects that require multiple trades. We won’t waste your time with single-trade jobs or handyman tasks. Our minimum budget is $15,000. Our average contract value is $67,000.

All leads we send you are vetted for readiness and appropriate budget.

Vetted Leads, Matched to You

When we send you a lead, it will match your geographic service area, the types of services you offer, and your preferred budget range. 

Streamlined Competitive Bidding Process

  • You’ll compete with just 2 to 4 other contracting firms for each job. 
  • If you and the client express interest in each other, we give you tools to help with messaging, site visit scheduling, video site visits, and hiring. 
  • On the client side, we help them understand and compare estimates, to help them make the best choice—even if it’s not the lowest bid. 
  • We minimize the time you spend on unpaid work. 

Services to Help Contractors Grow

Sweeten also helps contractors by giving you a dedicated account manager to help with business development and marketing. They’ll also help make your Sweeten profile and portfolio as competitive as possible. We offer opportunities for free photography and social media promotion. 

We stand behind your work, by offering financial protection to your Sweeten clients. They’ll be able to hire you with confidence and peace of mind. 

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We’ll match you with vetted general contractors and offer support until your project is done — at no cost to you!

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