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Sweeten Company Performance Page

Your Sweeten Company Performance Page

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We’re excited to announce your Company Performance Page, which will show all your firm’s performance statistics on one easy-to-read screen. You can navigate to this page through your dashboard. Your Performance Page will make it easier than ever to track your progress and to identify your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. And it will help us help you grow your business.

Company Performance Page - Leads & Opportunities

1. Opportunity Volume

This category covers the basics and includes:

  • Matches: These are the potential Sweeten clients to whom we’ve shown your profile.
  • Leads: These are the Matches who have said “Yes” to your profile, who would like to discuss their project with you.
  • Introductions: These are the Leads you have declared interest in pursuing.

Company Performance Page - Conversions

2. Conversion Metrics

This category is about winning jobs: introduction rate, site visit rate, bid rate, and how quickly you move through the process.

  • Introduction Rate: This metric details how many of your total Matches lead to an Introduction.
  • Site Visit Rate: Here is where we detail out the rate at which your site visit leads to sending an estimate or awarding (or winning) a project.
  • Time From Introduction to Site Visit: The average number of days it takes to get from Introduction to when you conduct the Site Visit.
  • Time from Site Visit to Estimate: The average number of days you take to from when you complete a site visit to when you send an estimate to a client.

Sweeten Company Performance Page - Responsiveness

3. Responsiveness

This category is about how quickly your firm responds to new Leads and client messages.

  • Response Time to New Leads: This is the average time you take responding to a Lead we send to you.
  • Response Time to First Message: This is the average time you take to respond to a client’s first message within the Sweeten platform.

Sweeten Company Performance Page - Get Help

Need Help? Have Questions?

If you see areas where you’d like to improve, talk to your account manager! We’re always happy to work with you to make your Sweeten profile and client strategies more competitive.

Sweeten is here as your partner. We can help you grow your business.  Talk to your Account Manager any time to set up a strategy call!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Company Performance Page?
What kinds of statistics does my Performance Page track?
  • Your statistics are divided into three categories: Opportunity Volume, Conversion Rate, and Responsiveness.
    • Opportunity Volume includes your total matches, leads, and projects you’ve accepted.
    • Conversion Rate is about winning jobs: introduction rate, site visit rate, bid rate, and how quickly you move through the process.
    • Responsiveness is about your response time to new leads and client messages.
Why are performance statistics valuable?
  • Your performance statistics give you a clear and objective window on your strengths and weaknesses regarding winning new jobs. They allow you to pinpoint the areas where changes would make the biggest improvement.
  • They also give your account manager information they can use to help you improve your profile and client communications.
What time period will I see statistics for?
  • You can view performance statistics for the previous month, the previous 3 months, or the previous 12 months. If you are newer to Sweeten, the longer timeframes may not yet be populated. 
How can I best use this information?

It will answer questions like: 

  • Of the jobs you bid on, how many do you win? 
  • Of the clients we introduce to you, how many request a site visit? 
  • Of the prospective clients who see your profile, how many ask for an introduction? 

Working backwards like this will show you what numbers you need, as well as where you might want to improve your performance. Tracking these numbers will also help your Sweeten Account Manager make valuable strategy suggestions.

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