The Double Sink Vanity: 6 Bathrooms Get 2X Space, Style

A double sink vanity can introduce extra space to spread out in the bathroom, without skimping on style

built-in bath storage

If you have the space, adding a double-sink vanity when remodeling your bathroom comes with many benefits. This luxury allows two people to simultaneously share the room while having personal space. Time is saved and each has use of their own sink.

Double-sink vanities also offer extra storage space, with options like additional drawers and cabinets. The positive upgrades add up to an increase in home value for many homeowners. Here, we show six Sweeten renovators who chose double-sink vanities when renovating their baths.

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A double-sink vanity for a touch of luxury

black tile shower and white barn door

Despite multiple hurdles put in Isis and Stephano’s renovation path for a long-awaited bathroom remodel, the couple persevered. From misaligned measurements to a barn door that was too heavy to be installed, their contractor worked out solutions for each issue. “It took amazing Tetris skills” to also fit the double sink vanity that had gotten cut off. The dream bathroom would serve the family of five well with double sinks, a shower, and laundry.

Pro advice: If you are thinking of upgrading from a single to a double sink, remember to factor in the cost of additional plumbing.

Updating for a forever home

Chicago bathroomLeah and Brian wanted to make their Chicago condo more modern. It would be a home they planned on staying in—not selling. They focused on renovating their kitchen and bath, moving away from the browns and beiges. For the bath, they kept the footprint the same. They already had a double-sink vanity, so they just upgraded it with a more contemporary one. They replaced the busy brown and white marble with a muted gray-white countertop.

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Pro advice: Know your size. Standard single-sink vanities range anywhere from 36-48 inches. Standard double-sink vanities are much longer, ranging from 60-72 inches. Talk with your contractor and check that your space can fit this design.

A tight—but golden-glamorous—double sink

For Jenifer Herrmann, a media exec, and her partner, Mitzie Wong, a designer, painter, and co-founder of creative design firm Roar + Rabbit, it was important to have their home reflect their styles and personalities. They came to Sweeten and found a contractor to bring their master bath in Brooklyn to life. “Our big goal for the master bath was to add a double vanity—a tight squeeze and ultimately a feat,” said Jenifer, “since we didn’t find a 60-inch-wide unit with storage that we both liked.”

The vanity they chose doesn’t have cabinets but luckily their Sweeten contractor came to the rescue. During demolition, he found an extra 6-8 inches in depth between the wall studs, which they used as additional storage space.

Pro advice: Make sure you meet both your form and function needs, like Jenifer and Mitzie. Even though their selected vanity didn’t have storage, they were able to add it elsewhere. There are many different styles of double sink vanities—free-standing, wall-mounted, floating—so be sure to match your style preferences with your everyday needs.

A bright, airy, and shareable double sink setup

black hexagon floor tiles with brown floating vanity and white double sink and long wide mirror vanity after renovationJill and Cy needed more space for their family. Instead of moving to the suburbs, they purchased a a 1,920-square-foot townhome. Jill wanted a master bath that would accommodate their busy lifestyle. It needed to be bright, airy, and functional. She selected a double-sink vanity that she and Cy could share easily with long drawers for storage. In addition, she had her Sweeten contractor custom build the mirror and medicine cabinets above to match the floating vanity.

Pro advice: There are many benefits of a double-sink vanity. A key benefit? Saved time. Two sinks make it easy for couples or families to get through their morning routines without disrupting or delaying each other.

A dresser produces the feel of a living space

repurposed double sink vanity table

Sweeten homeowners Liz and Kevin planned their new bathroom remodel around their love of mid-century design. They purchased a vintage walnut dresser in hopes of repurposing it into a sink vanity. A high-rimmed, shallow trough sink sat on top. The height of the sink raised the low-sitting dresser to standard vanity height. Brass fixtures and orange penny backsplash completed the mid-century look. 

Pro advice: If you lose storage space during the renovation process, vanities can make up for it. There are so many free-standing, double-sink vanities to choose from that have multiple drawers and cabinets to accommodate all your necessities.

A sink for two with sensory features

bathroom vanity

For their master bathroom renovation, Isis and Andre decided it would look unique, be efficient, and have spa-like qualities. Their architect surprised them with a sketch of an unpredictable infinity soapstone dual sink. They loved it. Black penny tile injects shape and movement opposite 24” x 24” stone-like wall tile. 

Pro advice: Additional sinks can increase your home’s value. A bathroom vanity with more space and a personal sink is an upgrade for many homeowners. 

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