7 Bathtub to Shower Conversions That Add Style & Space

by Kelley Rowland

In smaller bathrooms and homes, a bathtub to shower conversion saves space

If you prefer walk-in showers, you’re not alone. A larger showering area, the ease of entry and exit, and a streamlined look to the bathroom make walk-in showers an attractive choice when remodeling. Not all homeowners opt for showers over bathtubs, but shower conversions are closely connected to lifestyle. For example, a family with small children may want to keep a bathtub if there is a limited footprint, or if they don’t have room for both a bathtub and a shower.

See why these Sweeten renovators decided to opt for a bathtub to shower conversion in their homes, and how much it transforms their spaces.

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1. Impractical tub to walk-in shower oasis

Without a second bathroom in their Upper East Side co-op, Laura and Randy had to maximize the one bath they did have. That meant removing the pretty—but impractical—separate bathtub, and converting it to a walk-in shower (with three different shower heads and a seat!) instead.

Before renovations this large tub took up more than half of the small bathroom spaceReplacing the bathtub with a glass shower opens the space and is more practical for homeowners

2. Ditching a tub to gain space

Charon and Lex knew from the get-go the bathtub in their Gramercy apartment bathroom had to go—it took up too much valuable square footage! The new shower with the glass door makes the room look and feel so much bigger.

A large, bulky tub takes up prime real estate in this already-tight bathroom spaceReplacing a bathtub for a standing shower leaves this space feeling spacious and streamlined

3. From cramped to complete

When Sharon and Laurence decided to remodel their bathroom, there was no question it needed a complete overhaul. However, they just weren’t entirely sold on a bathtub to shower conversion, since bathtubs can be a big selling point for future buyers. Ultimately, the renovators opted for the solution better for their lifestyle and the bathroom’s small footprint: a walk-in shower.

A cramped, pooly lit bathroom with a large tub Converting this bathtub to a shower leaves homeowners with a sleek, modern silhouette for their bathroom

4. A standing shower sanctuary

Inspired by her own parent’s accessibility updates in their home, Megan and Zak decided to follow suit while undergoing a renovation of their guest bathroom. The old bathtub was converted to a standing shower, complete with a hand shower fixture.

A bulky tub leaves little room for a sink and toilet in this cramped spaceConverting this bathtub to a shower created a more modern look and feel to this home bathroom

5. Shower and sink overhaul

Removing the small, pink tub in Giulia’s bath was the best way to get more space for a larger sink. She designed an open shower that’s shorter than the original tub, allotting more room for a vanity and mirror.

Large outdated fixtures left this bathroom in desperate need of a modern faceliftAfter bathtub to shower conversion, this homeowner had room for an extra-large sink

6. Safety first

For Elaine, safety was paramount. When undergoing bathtub to shower conversion, she tasked her contractor with building a walk-in shower with accessible features: a hand bar and shower, plus a rough stone floor to help prevent slipping.

Busy wallpaper and an outdated pink bathtub leave this bathroom begging for a modern updateThe new walk-in shower lights up the space and prioritizes safety

7. Clean and clear

When Tara and Mike gut-renovated their guest bathroom, they removed the bathtub since they already had one in their master. The subway-tiled and glass shower reflects light from the window on the opposite end of the room, so the space looks practically twice as big!

Before tub to shower renovations this bathroom was dark, cramped, and unimpressiveAfter: This bathtub to shower conversion gave homeowners more space and an airy feel

Thanks to these Sweeten homeowners-turned-renovators for sharing your stories with us!

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