A Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Remodel in Hoboken

On a $50,000 budget, a bathroom becomes an en suite with a calming mix of materials

apartment bathroom remodel in Hoboken with white shower tub
  • Homeowners: Amanda and Bob posted their bathroom remodel on Sweeten
  • Where: Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Primary renovation: Kitchen and two bathrooms in a 1,090-square-foot condo
  • With: Sweeten general contractor
  • Homeowner’s quote: “Even though we already had some renovating experience, we reached out to Sweeten for help.”

Written in partnership with homeowner Amanda. “After” photos by Andrew Chui.

Prior to 2016, we’d already been renting in Hoboken, NJ to make sure it was really the place for us before buying. Our home is in uptown Hoboken. It’s in one of the earlier buildings in town–a condo building from around 1920. When we walked into it for the first time, it had an amazing footprint and feel for a condo. 

family portrait after apartment bathroom remodel in hoboken

Over time, we were sure we could make the 1,450-square-foot space perfect for us. That was preferable to paying more for something in Hoboken that still wasn’t ideal, so we bought it. Now, our focus was on our final project: remodeling the bathroom.

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jack and jill ensuite apartment bathroom remodel in hoboken
black and white counter with gold fixtures in apartment bathroom remodel in hoboken

Planning for a lifestyle boost

We are Amanda, Head of Beauty Sales for the US for a french contract manufacturer, Bob, who works for ATP, and our children, Penny (8), Ruby (3). Our renovation project was the bathroom, an ‘80s throwback in desperate need of a decor update–and a working shower. Adding another sink was also on the list. But the biggest change was a walk-in closet build-out that allowed us to add a bathroom door from our bedroom. This upgrade to a jack-and-jill entry was a major improvement, since we now have a primary suite.

tub shower with glass panel and white textured tile

With better functionality taken care of, it was time to think about style. I was after something that felt spa-like—a place to escape and have time for myself. It should feel updated, yet traditional and smart in terms of maximizing storage.

A renovation plan moves forward

Even though we already had some renovating experience, we reached out to Sweeten for help. We needed help to determine the feasibility of having dual bathroom entryways, the timing, and the cost of what we wanted to do.

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Sweeten matched us with a contractor that was amazing and honest. Our contractor sourced everything, kept us on track with the timeline, and truly made my ideas come to life.

double sinks with natural wood vanity and black and white countertop

A primary suite comes into view

The new entry from our bedroom was where it got complicated. Breaking through the wall was the only way to add the door that would make it a jack-and-jill. Then, ripping out our two separate bedroom closets gave us space to build one walk-in closet. This also made room to create a small hallway from our bedroom to the closet to the bathroom. It’s so nice to now have an entry to the bathroom straight from our bedroom, while still keeping hall access.

Ditching trendy for timeless

With a contractor chosen and a plan in the works, it was time to choose the actual materials. Given the ‘80s vibe we were getting rid of, I would avoid anything trendy. Each item needed to be elevated and modern to make sense for my lifestyle today—but also classic. I didn’t want to be sick of it in five years. 

My obsession was a countertop that would make a statement. We sourced the dramatic black-and-white stone from a separate fabricator, and our contractor attached it to the vanity we picked out. 

white tub shower textured tile and gold fixtures

"Our contractor sourced everything, kept us on track with the timeline, and truly made my ideas come to life."

We were more cost-conscious when shopping for tile, so we didn’t completely go overbudget. A peaceful and neutral gray Fordham Grigio tile for the bathroom floor laid the foundation. For the shower walls, a refined 5” x 5” ceramic tile offered the perfect texture and shine without breaking the bank. Gold-tone fixtures with graceful lines add a touch of warmth and elegance.

Looks aside, ample storage space was also essential to make the space work. Built-in shelves were a definite must-have.

double bathroom sinks with black and white countertop
built in storage shelves and toilet

Spending more was worth it

The closet addition did increase the overall cost and put us overbudget. We also paid more than we had to for a full-price vanity and the custom countertop, but we’re happy with those choices. The approximately $50,000 we ended up spending was almost double what we had budgeted, but we love the results.

natural wood vanity with double sinks in apartment bathroom remodel in hoboken

A successful renovation partnership

Sweeten helped pair us up with a few great candidates to meet. What we wanted was someone who was reliable, respectful, and didn’t give any BS. Our contractors were all of this. 

At the end, this was our best and most efficient renovation we’ve done. The serenity when you walk into the updated bathroom still takes my breath away. The countertop is stunning, and the heated floors make it so comfortable. But honestly, the shelves might be my favorite! In an apartment, smart storage is truly everything.

Thank you, Amanda and Bob, for sharing your new bathroom with us!

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