Women General Contractors at Sweeten, Part 4

Support women general contractors who own and operate general contracting firms with Sweeten

Indoor wood arbor over dining area

For Women’s History Month, we are highlighting women general contracting firms—owned and operated—in our network.

These skilled women contractors have broken barriers while making headway to close the gender gap in the industry. With years of experience in general contracting, these firms regularly help homeowners with all types of remodeling projects—from kitchen and bath to full-home renovations. We will also introduce Kimberly who is featured as one of our vetted Black-owned contractor firms in our network.

In Part 4 of a five-part series, here is a group of firms Sweeten homeowners are matched with from coast to coast and in-between.

Sweeten General Contractor Shannon | Los Angeles

With the natural disasters often affecting Los Angeles homes, Sweeten general contractor Shannon and her team have become skilled in helping clients with their property needs, insurance claims, and expediting permits for rebuilds after fires and earthquakes. Shannon is known also for her custom, high-end design and construction as well as real estate consultations. With over 30 years of experience, Shannon carefully handpicks the interior and landscape designers and architects that work for her. See general contractor Shannon’s reviews and work.

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Sweeten General Contractor Kimberly | Atlanta

The owner of a successful design-build firm in Atlanta, general contractor Kimberly describes her company as a “one-stop design shop.” Her team has access to a network of contractors, architects, tradesmen, and tradeswomen. They specialize in commercial build-outs as well as full home remodels. Kimberly says her mission is to “join forces with you to inspire, design, and use our passion for the industry to build your vision into reality.”

She is also a Black-owned contractor firm in Atlanta. See general contractor Kimberly’s reviews and work.

Sweeten General Contractor Vita | Long Island, NY

women general contractorsVita is the designer, and her husband, Jerry, is the contractor—forming a general contracting team that delivers beautiful form and efficient functionality. Vita is both a certified kitchen and bath designer and Jerry is a certified remodeler. When you consult with Vita, you begin with a unique digital design that helps show how the finished project may look. From there, Vita and her team handle it all—sourcing and ordering materials, while managing construction and installation. See general contractor Vita’s reviews and work.

Sweeten General Contractor Megan | Brooklyn, NY

Named one of Sweeten’s best contracting firms in 2019, Megan’s company focuses its full-service design and build services in and around New York City. Megan and, her husband, David, are a team that provides clients with architecture and design expertise, coupled with construction management. “We work with our clients to create a vision and achieve [it] through our organized approach to project management,” says Megan. Megan has a deep understanding of older buildings and has experience working with city agencies to ensure a smooth process. See general contractor Megan’s reviews and work.

Sweeten General Contractor Edisa | New York City

Bathroom with white marble walls and granite floors

Indoor wood arbor over dining area

Sweeten general contractor Edisa, and her partner Mike, provide services in New York City and surrounding areas. The partners specialize in interior and exterior renovations for residential and commercial residents. They strive to complete every job in a timely manner and orderly fashion. Edisa has completed two Sweeten projects and has been with the company since 2019. Sweeten homeowner Dan B. said, “They have always done a great job. They move quickly, communicate well, and the end result is exactly what was agreed.” Read more of general contractor Edisa’s reviews and work.

Sweeten General Contractor Ekta | Houston

Kitchen with island with black cooktop

Kitchen with laminated white cabinets and gray backsplace

Houston-based contractor, Ekta, and her partner, Sanjay, run a minority and woman-owned general contracting firm. The partners are trusted and reputable professionals who do a variety of projects specializing in residential homes. They aim to provide each homeowner with the highest quality outcome and guarantee satisfaction. One homeowner, Sanjeev, commented on a completed renovation, “The project went very well. It was all done on time and on budget. Everything looked great to me.”  Read general contractor Ekta’s reviews and work.

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