How to Maximize Studio Apartments

Real reno ideas to help you maximize studio apartment space

Whether you’re downsizing or starting your first adventure in homeownership, buying a studio apartment is a big step. Plus, it typically means one thing: living in a small space. But if there’s one thing we know at Sweeten, it’s that living in a smaller space means you have to live smarter. See how these Sweeten renovators worked with their general contractor to maximize their studio apartment spaces. 

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The smaller closet next to the bed area was converted into a built-in desk
1.) Converted Closets

Lauren’s studio apartment definitely needed work. A home office in the place of what could be a large closet was not ideal. Additionally, the kitchen clearly had more to offer than the undersized appliances provided.

Working with her Sweeten general contractor, they made the space as efficient as possible. Skim coating and restaining the floors made a big visual impact. Next, they converted the smaller closet next to the bed into a built-in desk. That let them transform the former office space into a large custom closet. In the kitchen, they decided to keep the existing cabinets as they left room for a full-size range.

Swapping out sizable fixtures for smaller options helped this apartment owner maximize studio apartment space
2.) Smart-Sized Fixtures

Storage is hard to come by, especially in older buildings and studio apartments. The lack of it across Christina’s 550-square-foot-studio was the driving force behind her renovation decision. In the kitchen, a smaller sink, and ceiling-height cabinets accomplished the need for a more efficient space. A wall-length medicine cabinet and vanity solved the storage issues in the bathroom.

Adding a kitchen island helped split up this studio apartment into distinct sections3.) Splitting Up Your Space

Kim and Ian bought a 450-square-foot studio that required a complete renovation (down to rewiring and replumbing). They planned to “split” the studio into two distinct areas. They wanted one area for cooking and dining and one for living and sleeping. The kitchen island became the main divider between the two spaces. Finally, their contractor made a surprising discovery behind a wall—two old, large windows. He removed them and used the remaining space for more storage and counter space, too.

A walk in closet helps this homeowner maximize studio apartment space4.) Adding Finishing Touches

A benefit of many studio apartments: An open floor plan. Nancy and her Sweeten contractor debated changing the footprint of her new studio, but ultimately decided to keep it as-is. Instead of changing the footprint, they made other changes. They widened the kitchen entrance, added French doors to an existing closet, and added a walk-in dressing room. Lastly, they used printed wallpaper to help define the bedroom as a separate space.

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