7 Smart Bathroom Ideas from Sweeten Renovations

You’ll want to snag these tricks for your own remodel

You may think there’s only so much you can do to make a bathroom look different or be more efficient. After all, it’s a space that always has the same, standard features: a sink, a bathtub/shower, and a toilet. We’re here to tell you: that’s absolutely not the case. In the many projects our renovators share with us every day, there’s always an innovative idea or a new mix of materials we wish we’d thought of ourselves! Ahead, seven such ideas to inspire your own bathroom remodel.

1. Extend floor tile to the base of the wall
This classic bathroom is full of unique design details, including the extension of the floor tile onto the base of the walls. The contractor suggested the idea to renovators Jeremy and Chris to stretch the visual plane of the room—and it definitely did the trick. See their renovation here.

bathroom2. Use pool tiles for a shower
Who says you can only use bathroom tiles in a bathroom? Exactly. Allyson sourced aqua pool tiles with a wind-blown texture for her walk-in shower that make showering feel like a dip in the pool. Read more about her bathroom remodel here.

walk-in shower with recessed shelf and sea green tiles on wall and brushed gold shower head and fixtures after renovation

how long does a bath reno take3Work with, not against, structural and plumbing challenges
There are some things you can work around in a renovation and often, pipes aren’t one of them (especially if they’re risers). In Angela’s bathroom renovation, her contractor made use of space that would’ve otherwise been dead and installed covert shelves for toilet paper and towels.

open marble shelves in a white bathroom with subway tiles after renovation

4. Install a swinging shower door
Shower doors: some slide, some stay put, and this one swings. The smart solution allows the door to glide over the toilet, making cleaning and access to the tub fixtures, easier. Read more on how Sonya and Aaron made the best use of their 42-square-foot bathroom.


5. Instead of centering a sink, offset it
It’s pretty standard to place a sink at the center of a countertop or vanity. Setting it to the side, however, preserves counter space, as seen in one Sweeten homeowner’s renovation. Sometimes symmetry isn’t the answer!wood bathroom vanity with white marble countertop and undermount sink with brass faucet and white marble tiles on wall and medicine cabinet with mirror after renovation6. Create a custom shelf for toilet paper
Never will you have to go hunting for a new roll when it’s placed strategically next to the toilet, like in Sara and Mike’s rustic bathroom. Plus, it frees up space in linen or storage closets for towels and cleaning supplies.

batroom with white walls and bathtub with white subway wall tiles and small hexagon floor tiles after renovation7. Install recessed cabinets behind the door
When there’s no room for shelves or a standard cabinet, recessed cabinets like in Dianna and Todd’s bathroom, are another storage option. Other perks: they don’t get in the way of the door when it’s opened and blend into the surrounding wall. 

bathroom cabinet

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