Black Window Frames Add Drama to Any Home

Black window frames create subtle visual drama for every space

Blue and white bathroom with long double sink and glass shower door after renovation

Seemingly minor design changes can shift a room’s entire aesthetic. Case in point: black window frames. They not only act as a frame to a picture-perfect outdoor view but dress up a plain wall. Take a look at these six Sweeten projects to see how the homeowners incorporated black-framed windows into a variety of homes.

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A new view in Brooklyn

brownstone renovation, Brooklyn

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Sweeten homeowners Bellamy and Zak replaced all the windows in their house, creating an entirely new view. Painted black window frames invite the outside in. With this integral detail, these homeowners were able to create a timeless look that appeals to the eye.

Small-space solution

studio apartment

Black-framed window trim made this studio apartment look bigger and brighter. During her Sweeten renovation, Taylor decided to paint the window frames in the dark hue. This design idea brought a modern and elegant look to her 320-square-foot home.

Upgrading a townhouse

White living room with curtains on french window and a blue couch after renovation

Sweeten homeowners Steve and Lewis created several windows with black frames. From the inside and the exterior, the unique configuration would add character to their renovated townhouse. The framed windows visually connect the urban activity outside.

Adding charm to a Tudor

Blue and white bathroom with long double sink and glass shower door after renovation Classic black-painted window frames fit all styles from apartments to older houses. Sweeten homeowner and interior designer Meredith knew black trim would make the mark. She noted how “they fit the Tudor style of the house perfectly.” The finished window acts as a visual anchor for the bathroom.

Complementing intricate detail

Brooklyn brownstone

Nazli and Larry went with deep bluish-black molding for their dining room area. The contrast emphasized the intricate stained glass.  “We love this room,” Nazli said, explaining how it was the main reason they bought the house.

Bringing the outside in

home addition sunroom

Black-framed windows highlight expansive light in a 1932 Dutch Colonial. These Sweeten homeowners added a 280-square-foot sunroom off their kitchen. A wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor set of glass doors set the stage for a grand picture window to the outdoors.

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