We’re Borderline Obsessed With Black-Framed Windows

Maximize contrast (and the drama) of any space

It never ceases to amaze us how minor design changes can have such a major impact. Case in point: black-framed windows. Not only do they draw the eyes out and frame the view, but they also bring balance to the interior, too. Take a look at these seven spaces and see their transformational effect.

Rustic Twist

0ebc7bc058c72520ebe63797c6ae5303(Image Credit: Jeremy Bittermann for The New York Times)

Traditional Take
(Image Credit: Photographer: Jessica Glynn, Design: Blair Harris Interior Design)

Hygge Vibes
(Image Credit: Carole Poirot)

Classic Corner
(Image Credit: Ty Cole Photography for Design Sponge)

Architectural Appeal
(Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

Contrast Creator
(Image Credit: Residence Magazine)

Space Definer

(Image Credit: Lisa Dengler via Instagram)

Sweeten is a free service that matches renovators with vetted general contractors, helping until project completion. See the black-framed windows in Janet and Jerry’s Brooklyn home.

SWEETEN_Jerry_Apartment-10 (1)

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