2022 Bathroom Design Trends: Color, Style, and Technology

Bathroom design ideas—including the trending neutral color and finishes

bathtub for shower conversion with double trough sink

(Above) Renovation by Sweeten homeowners Ylia + Andre with unique decorative hooks

Homeowners looking for bathroom design ideas are pulling inspiration from style-forward boutique hotels as well as nature. 

These are two of many trends identified in the latest annual National Kitchen & Bath Association report. Sweeten reports on their in-depth look at the latest trends from a survey of over 700 designers, architects, contractors, and showroom managers.

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2022 bathroom designs

For several years, white and gray have been the central colors to bathroom design. However, homeowners are now leaning towards a more organic style. The colors of natural materials, like wood and stone, play a role.

The second most popular look is the clean lines of contemporary. Transitional style, a mix of contemporary and traditional design, follows as the third most popular.

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Wall mounted faucet over white marble sink and white wall tile after renovation

(Above) Gold and copper finishes in a bathroom renovation by Sweeten homeowner Karun

Bathroom color ideas

About 50 percent of industry professionals surveyed said homeowners are choosing warmer hues. Bathrooms have a warmer look with cream, instead of white, as the go-to neutral color. 

Homeowners contrast these warmer hues with accents in teal, green, and blue to bring a vivid pop of color.

Finshes and decor

Faucets and vanity hardware in metal tones, such as gold and copper, are bringing even more warmth to new bathrooms.

The trend of looking to boutique hotels for bathroom design ideas translates into bolder choices. For example, floor-to-ceiling tiles in a calming teal or a few quirky items like avant-garde towel hooks make an appearance. 

walk-in shower with recessed shelf and teal green tiles and brushed gold fixtures

(Above) Sweeten homeowner Allyson’s aqua-tiled shower

Bathroom technology

As the look of bathrooms finds inspiration from nature, the function of bathrooms is increasingly using technology. Millennials entering the housing market in high numbers influence this trend.

For instance, heated floors and showers are controlled through mobile devices. Voice-activated toilets, showers, and lighting are gaining popularity.

Gadgets are new additions in the bathroom. Think scales that synch with wellness apps or mirrors that display the weather and your calendar.

More popular questions

Use metal tones, like gold and copper, in hardware and faucets to warm up a stark bathroom. Boutique hotel aesthetics lead to a bold touch. Elements—big or small—such as tile in bright colors or unique towel hooks add a touch of personality. 

Painting a bathroom cream rather than bright white can bring more warmth. Soft cream tones down wall corners and edges visually expanding a small space to feel bigger. Combine this neutral with bright green and blue hues to create a burst of color.

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