2021 Bathroom Trends: Designs to Inspire

In 2021, bathroom trends are breaking traditional rules about materials, style, and function

Image of black and white geometric wallpaper in powder roomIn 2020, we looked for a respite from the outside world. We needed to focus on self-care to help us navigate the stress of the pandemic. Enter the bathroom! It was a key spot to take time to ourselves, to relax with a glass of wine and a soak, or to nourish ourselves through daily beauty routines. Naturally, with a renewed focus on the bathroom comes the desire to renovate and refresh. Sweeten sees thousands of renovations a year, and in 2021, these bathroom trends are appearing in more and more homes.

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2021 bathroom trend: Doorless showers

Image of bathroom with walk-in shower Walk right in! Homeowners are forgoing shower doors in their bathroom renovations. It’s all about the look and feel of the bath, and without a shower door to close off the space; bathrooms can appear larger and more luxurious. It can also help to make the space look fresh and contemporary. (One other upside: there’s also one less thing to clean!)

In the bathroom above, Sweeten renovators Kate and Arthur replaced the tub with a wet room—an open shower without curtains or doors—to keep the lines clean and open up the room.  Their Sweeten contractor included a wing wall to keep the water from splashing out. Other Sweeten renovators are following this trend too. Check out Sweeten homeowners, Liz and Kevin, and Giulia, who designed their dream baths sans shower doors.

2021 bathroom trend: Concrete bath counters

Image of bathroom with bathtub and concrete countersTraditionally, countertops in bathrooms have been ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Lately, there has been an uptick in the call for other materials, such as concrete. Concrete is seen as a major selling point as well as a way to modernize a space. It is durable and strong. You will need a fabricator and contractor to install it, however. And it is a bit more pricey than quartz or granite. But many think it’s worth it for industrial charm. Here, Sweeten renovators added it to their remodeling plans as a point of interest in their otherwise white bathroom.

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2021 bathroom trend: Whimsical wallpaper

Image of black and white geometric wallpaper in powder roomWallpaper is a great way to make a statement. It can be dramatic or subdued in color, texture, and pattern. Half-baths are the best candidates for wallpaper with a smaller footprint than a master bath. While many are concerned that steam would be an issue, there are wallpaper products made to resist humidity.

Whichever type of bath you are looking to renovate, think about your design style and match it accordingly. These Sweeten renovators selected a black-and-white wallpaper for their powder room. “I wanted all eyes to be on the geometric wallpaper,” says homeowner Kirsty. “How could they not be?”

2021 bathroom trend: Bold and black

bathroom with black walls and floating sink and toilet and gold faucets and fixtures after renovationColor is back and it’s black! Opposite to what many believe, using a black hue can actually make rooms look bigger because it allows the corners of the room to be undefined. And since they are not defined, it isn’t easy to tell where the walls start and end. In addition, black has a way of elevating a design. It is sophisticated and really matches any style decor—from contemporary to rustic.

For the bathroom above, Sweeten renovator Veronica decided to embrace the darkness of her space. “The bathroom got very little light to begin with, so I decided to embrace the cave-like atmosphere and go dark.”

2021 bathroom trend: Medicine cabinet comeback

brown floating vanity and large white sink in bathroom with clear glass shower door and black patterned floor tiles after renovationMedicine cabinets used to be a thing of the past. However, today they are enjoying a newfound appreciation. In addition to many providing a mirror, they are great for storage. Homeowners choose them because mirrors are a necessity in the bath, so why not get some extra space for toiletries too? You can get one that is mounted on the wall like the Sweeten renovator did above. Or, you can have your contractor install an inset one so that the front is flush to the wall.

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