Ten Small Bathroom Remodel Hacks

Does your shoebox-sized bathroom make you feel like you’re constantly bumping elbows and dodging towels? Many homeowners know the struggle of a cramped bathroom all too well. Transform your small bathroom into a spa-like oasis that feels surprisingly spacious and maximizes every inch of valuable real estate with a dash of design tricks and these clever remodel hacks. Whether your bathroom is in a city condo or a suburban home, these space-saving small bathroom remodel ideas will transform it into a functional and stylish retreat.

sinks faucets and decor with gold accents in a small bathroom remodel idea

1. Embrace the power of illusion with light colors: Imagine stepping into a bathroom bathed in soft, creamy hues that instantly create a sense of airiness and spaciousness. Light colors like Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove” or Sherwin Williams’ “Alabaster” on the walls and ceiling, paired with light porcelain or ceramic bathroom tile ideas in shades of ivory or pale gray, can visually expand your bathroom, making it feel open and inviting.

2. Opt for a corner sink or floating vanity: When it comes to maximizing space in a small bathroom remodel, a corner sink or floating vanity is a game-changer. A corner sink, like the Kohler K-2995-8 Memoirs Stately, tucks neatly into an unused corner, freeing up valuable floor space. This allows for increased mobility and a more open feel. On the other hand, a wall-mounted vanity, such as the Duravit Happy D.2 Plus, creates a floating illusion that makes the entire bathroom feel lighter and more spacious. Both options offer a modern aesthetic that complements various bathroom interior ideas, ensuring your new bathroom is not only functional but also stylish.

Bathroom sink in a small bathroom renovation project with leafy wallpaper

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3. Go vertical with storage: Instead of bulky cabinets that protrude into the room and eat up precious floor space, consider tall, built-in cabinets that reach towards the ceiling. These vertical solutions maximize your space capacity. They also add a touch of grandeur to your bathroom. Imagine the sleek lines of these cabinets seamlessly blending into your overall design, creating a sense of cohesiveness that extends into your bedroom. Consider a cohesive color palette or similar design elements that flow from your bathroom into your bedroom, creating a sense of continuity and spaciousness throughout your living space. For a truly luxurious feel, ask your general contractor to custom-build cabinetry with recessed lighting. This not only provides additional illumination but also highlights your favorite bathroom accents and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can even incorporate glass-front cabinets to showcase decorative towels or toiletries, adding a touch of visual interest to your vertical storage space.

4. Install a pocket door:  A smooth glide of your hand reveals a pocket door, seamlessly tucked into the wall. This space-saving solution eliminates the need for a swinging door, which can obstruct valuable floor space and create a cramped feeling in a small bathroom. Instead, the pocket door disappears into the wall, creating a clean and uncluttered look. As you enter your bathroom, you’re greeted by a spacious and airy haven, a stark contrast to the potentially narrow confines of your bedroom hallway. Riverhead in a small bathroom remodel with walk in shower and triangular storage nook

5. Consider a walk-in shower: Imagine a spa-like walk-in shower enclosed in frameless glass, adorned with best shower heads like the Moen Velocity Two-Function Rainshower. This design choice not only maximizes space but also creates a seamless and visually appealing look when you remodel a small bathroom. For added indulgence, incorporate a built-in bench and recessed niches for toiletries.

6. Utilize recessed shelving: Imagine sleek, recessed shelves seamlessly integrated into your shower walls or above the toilet, showcasing your favorite bath products and decorative accents. These cleverly designed storage solutions maintain a clean, uncluttered aesthetic while keeping your essentials within easy reach.

7. Choose a large mirror: An expansive mirror instantly transforms your bathroom, reflecting light and creating the illusion of added depth. Consider incorporating a mirrored cabinet behind the vanity for additional storage that remains discreetly hidden from plain sight. This strategic use of mirrors throughout your bathroom design will create a sense of openness and grandeur, making even the most compact bathroom feel luxurious and inviting.

all white small bathroom remodel

8. Hang towels on hooks: Picture elegant hooks adorned with plush towels, adding a touch of warmth and style to your bathroom walls. Ditch the traditional towel bars and opt for individual hooks, which save space and offer a more modern look. These small bathroom remodel ideas can easily elevate your space. Consider stylish options like the Delta Trinsic Towel Hook or the Kohler Artifacts Single Robe Hook for your bath and shower remodel.

9. Get creative with lighting: Envision a bathroom illuminated by a combination of soft, ambient light, task lighting for specific areas, and accent lighting to highlight architectural features or artwork. A well-designed lighting scheme can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. Consider dimmer switches for added flexibility and a spa-like ambiance.

orange penny tile wet room small bathroom

10. Declutter regularly: A well-organized bathroom is essential for maintaining a sense of spaciousness and serenity. This isn’t just about aesthetics; a decluttered bathroom is about feeling good. It’s about having a space that’s calm and inviting, where you can actually relax and unwind. Smart storage solutions like built-in shelving, stylish baskets, and hidden compartments can work wonders, no matter how small your bathroom is.

By hiring a skilled general contractor and following these design tips, you can transform your small bathroom into a functional and stylish oasis that feels surprisingly spacious. To help you with your small bathroom remodel ideas, we’ve also published articles on different design inspirationsprocesses, and cost guides to ensure a smooth and successful project. 

Remember, even the smallest bathroom can make a big impact with the right design choices. If you’re ready to take the next step and bring your dream bathroom to life, Sweeten can connect you with experienced general contractors who specialize in bathroom makeovers. Post your project now and let your future remodeled bathroom become a daily ritual, a place where you can start and end your day feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

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