Modern Classic Bathroom Round-Up

by Kerry O'Brien

If you’ve been following the Sweeten blog for the last year, you’ve seen NYC homeowners take on renovations of all shapes and sizes, with endless options for fixtures and features. While we generally aim to inspire readers with a weekly peek into the before and after experiences of real NYC homeowners, the “after” pictures can end up inspiring fear for readers who find a single aisle of tile overwhelming.

I always ask homeowners about their process for finding the fixtures and finishes they ended up selecting, and there tend to be two camps: homeowners who spend weeks sourcing and comparing and researching versus homeowners who went to a big box store for 24 minutes. Still, if you stick with classic choices, it doesn’t really matter which camp you’re in. For proof, we looked at a cross-section of budgets and projects and found seven modern classic baths by Sweeten experts that show how far simple tiles and clean craftsmanship can take the tiniest room in your home.

01 SWEETEN_nalinaBath

In a gut renovation so true to the original that it requires a double take, Nalina replicated her bathroom’s classic look with new white subway wall tile and 1″ hex floor tile. She gave definition to the white-on-white layers with gray grout. A small shower wall niche is a convenient update for the traditional space. 

02 SWEETEN_sanayaBath

Like Nalina, Sanaya went classic with white subway wall tile and black and white hex floor tile. She also chose a gleaming chrome and white lighting fixture for her Clinton Hill bath upgrade.

03 SWEETEN_essentialMasterBath

In this high-end project by Sweeten Expert Rich, the homeowners upended their classic white subway and penny round floor tile picks by laying the tiles in less conventional but still classic geometric patterns. A custom vanity with luxe tub and shower features give this space an updated edge.

04 SWEETEN_marissaBath_01

At first glance, with its bold wall color and decorative lighting fixture, Marissa’s Prospect Heights bath re-do might not be an obvious fit for this round-up, until you see the telltale white subway tile (with beveled update) and black and white spiral basket weave floor tile. 

05 SWEETEN_DianeBathroom-07

Diane restored serenity to her bath with white and black tile contrasts, again opting for a simple and streamlined and easy-to-clean subway tile with a classic black trim accent on the walls. She balanced the traditional look with a square and diamond tile repeated on the floor. 

06 SWEETEN_allisonJovitoBath

Allison and Jovito, Sweeten blog favorites, chose white subway tile and marble basket weave floor tile in an effort to keep their updated bath true to the original features of their Ocean Parkway rowhouse. This duo also went a step further than most with a brand new, clawfoot tub for their throwback bathroom.  

07 SWEETEN_SaskiasBkStudio-091

Like Marissa above, Saskia and Ben went with a dark wall color, offset by subway tile, and played with navy and white contrast in accessories elsewhere. The couple also kept their original sink, which helps maintain its vintage vibe.

So whether you have a clear design vision and weeks to spend with tile swatches, or tile aisle phobia and an hour on your lunch break, take a look at our Pricing Guide on Bathroom Renovation Costs and post your project so that we can introduce you to Sweeten experts who will help you create a beautiful bath. 

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