Farmhouse, Stainless Steel, or Integrated? 6 Kitchen Sinks from NYC Renovations!

Here on the Sweeten blog, we aim to translate insight from NYC renovators and contractors into information you can use to make better decisions about improving your home. We don’t often pay much mind to sinks — one of life’s least-entertaining chores is the main reason to spend time near one — but a few New York kitchen renovations have made us re-think this central fixture, and we have been pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a lot we didn’t know. Should you go under-mount or up-mount? Cast-iron or fire clay? Single bowl or double bowl? This week: we’ve rounded up a few stylish kitchen sinks from Sweeten renovations.

kitchen sinks

Farmhouse and Apron-Front Sinks

A classic with exposed front panels is making a comeback in kitchens both traditional and modern – and it’s no wonder with its combination of beauty and function. Clean and smooth lines provide a versatile look in kitchens of all hues, and the extra-deep basin accommodates workspace for cleaning and food preparation. Farmhouse sinks are increasingly becoming an urban feature and feel like a luxury precisely because they look delightfully out of place.

Sarah and Michael on the Upper East Side had their sights set on a farmhouse sink and worked relentlessly with Sweeten Expert Gennadiy to find a fireclay version that would fit into a standard-sized NYC kitchen. The couple went with an up-mount installation (the sink lip sits above counter height) that makes the feature even more pronounced.

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Zero-Radius Sinks

A zero-radius sink is a fancy term for a rectangular sink with sharp, right-angle interior corners and straight edges rather than a basin with conventional rounded corners. This approach creates a teeny bit more space to stack dishes (but you shouldn’t be stacking piles of dishes when you have a gleaming, modern, stainless-steel sink to show off anyway!). Lee in Midtown East showed us the way with an under-mounted, zero-radius Blanco Quatrus sink that offers plenty of room in all directions for food prep and clean up.

blanco quatrus sink kitchen sink

Rounded Basin Sinks

Single bowl sinks are most commonly seen with rounded corners for seamless cleaning and upkeep. A Clinton Hill couple outfitted their earthy butcher block counters with a Kohler Bakersfield sink made from enameled cast-iron that resists scratches and cracks.

single bowl kitchen sink kohler bakersfield

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks come in all shapes and sizes and confer an industrial look on their surroundings. Sanaya and Chris in Clinton Hill went with an easy-to-clean and durable stainless steel sink that offsets the gray caesarstone counters and luminous blue-gray penny tile backsplash in their kitchen.

stainless steel sink kitchen appliance

Porcelain Sinks

In contrast to fireclay sinks that are heated at higher temperatures, porcelain sinks are melted at lower temperatures and come in a range of colors with a glossy and luminous finish. Elizabeth in the West Village went with an under-mount porcelain sink with traditional rounded edges.

porcelain kitchen sink

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are created by countertop surfaces that seamlessly flow into the sink basin, creating a sleek and contemporary design. To prominently feature the stunning charcoal soapstone he found from a local supplier’s stoneyard, Corey in Williamsburg went with an integrated countertop and sink configuration that we keep coming back to admire.

Integrated soapstone kitchen sink

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