The Pros and Cons of Double Oven Electric Ranges

When choosing an electric range oven, there are a few elements to consider

Kitchen with white cabinets and GE double range oven

(Above) Electric oven range by GE

Often there is no clear winner when it comes to gas or electric range ovens. It comes down to your cooking style and the model you pick. There are models that cook well in either category. 

Sweeten points out the pros and cons of your dream double oven electric range.

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Electric range ovens are a go for every home in America. The same cannot be said for gas, which only half of the houses have access to. 

Minimal installation costs

Installing a gas oven will be costly if your home isn’t already piped for gas. Think thousands of dollars. The only fancy power source electric ovens need is a 240-volt receptacle. Your kitchen likely already has this if you swap one electrical range oven for another. 

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This largely depends on the model you choose, but generally electric oven ranges are cheaper than their gas counterparts. 

Cooler kitchen

Without the flames of gas, double oven electric ranges do not overcome your kitchen with heat. That’s something to consider on sweltering summer days.

Easy to clean

Flat top electric ranges clean quickly. There’s no removing greasy grates or wiping around burners. 


Gas and electric oven ranges are extremely safe when installed to code. However, piping gas into your home and cooking with it does come with a slightly increased risk of fire. This makes electric oven ranges safer. 


Less environmentally-friendly

A standard electric range oven typically takes longer to heat the oven and on the range. This creates a larger carbon footprint. However, new induction stovetops, which use electricity in a more savvy way than standard electric, are quickly closing this gap.

Stays hot longer

Unlike gas, electric ranges stay hot long after we dial them off. This can lead to painful burns if accidentally touched. 

Less precise temperatures

It’s no secret that chefs of the world prefer gas over electric. One of the reasons is electric range ovens are less precise in temperature leading to inconsistencies in cooking.

What else to consider: cookware

To maximize your electric oven range, pair it with the right cookware. Stainless steel that has a flat surface for even cooking is ideal. 

Induction ranges require even more specific cookware. All cast iron and some stainless steel cookware are compatible with induction ranges. Other materials such as glass, aluminum, and copper will only work if they have a magnetic property in them. 

Best double oven electric range

Cafe white double oven electric range, #CES750P4MW2

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  • Highlight: With a wireless connection, the newest features can be downloaded into the oven. One feature allows the oven to activate Amazon’s Alexa. 
  • Dimension: 29.87″ x 37.37″ x 29.5″
  • Features: Matte white, slide-in range, self-cleaning mode, ADA compliant, fast preheat
  • Price: $3,143.00
  • Where to buy

GE double oven electric range, #JSS86SPSS

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  • Highlight: This GE range is equipped with a fifth element warming zone, providing food on the cooktop even temperature control. 
  • Dimension: 29.87″ x 37.25″ x 28.25″
  • Features:  Slide-in range, delay bake, Star-K Certification, fifth element warming zone
  • Price: $2,243.00
  • Where to buy

Samsung double oven electric range slide-in, #NE63T8751SS

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  • Highlight: The Smart Dial allows for all oven settings to be on one dial. This dial adjusts to how the user interacts with the oven and their cooking preferences. 
  • Dimension: 29.93″ x 36″ x 28.68″
  • Features: Freestanding, fingerprint-resistant finish, self– and steam–clean, hidden bake element
  • Price: $2,609.10
  • Where to buy

Whirlpool double oven electric range, #WGE745C0FS

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  • Highlight: With Frozen Bake™ technology, no preheating is required for frozen meals, like pizza, pies, or chicken tenders, saving time and energy.
  • Dimension: 29.93″ x 47.12″ x 26.12″
  • Features: Freestanding, self-cleaning mode, viewing window, FlexHeat element
  • Price: $1,479.10
  • Where to buy

LG double oven electric range, #LDE4413ST

  • Highlight: This oven features the LG Probake Convection™ moving the range’s bottom heater to the side. This allows for even heating throughout the entire oven, no matter what rack the food is on.
  • Dimension: 29.93″ x 47.28″ x 28.93″
  • Features: Freestanding, convection oven, self-cleaning mode, LG EasyClean Technology
  • Price: $1,399.00
  • Where to buy

A note on fixture and appliance deliveries: If you’re on a tight timeline, Appliances Connection has over 50,000 items in stock and ready to ship nationally. If you’re in the NY/NJ metro area, in-stock items typically deliver within 2-3 days.

More popular questions

If your home isn’t already piped for gas, prepping for a gas oven will be costly. The only requirement to install an electric oven is a 240-volt receptacle. If you are swapping out an electric range for another, then you most likely have this. 

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