7 Storage Solutions To Keep Your Small Kitchen Organized

It’s time to get creative with kitchen storage and organization

In most homes, the kitchen is in constant use. If yours is on the small side, keeping it organized is crucial to maintaining an enjoyable, efficient cook space. The key is to make sure that everything has a home and lives in a spot that is easily accessible. Since it’s not always possible to add extra square footage to your kitchen, you’ll have to get inventive with the space you do have. In order to inspire you to do just that, we’ve rounded up seven of the best kitchen storage solutions within Sweeten renovations that make use of every (and we mean every) nook and cranny.

kitchen storageEmily’s kitchen in downtown Brooklyn

Use the height of your ceilings to extend your cabinets and boost kitchen storage. The lower cabinets can be used for everyday items while those higher up can store items you reach for less frequently, like that fondue pot. You can even store non-kitchen stuff up there, like winter clothes or camping gear.

kitchen storageGiovanni’s kitchen in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

When you live in a studio apartment, closet space is scarce. Rather than adding a washer or dryer to a closet, and thereby losing precious real estate, tuck one or two laundry units under your kitchen peninsula. Now you can use some of that closet space for kitchen essentials—like pantry goods and servingware for special occasions.

silver appliances in a small white kitchen with white cabinets and double hung window after renovation Cybele’s kitchen in Park Slope, Brooklyn

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A corner usually means the end of the line for a row of cabinets—that is, unless you go custom. Take advantage of an awkward corner spot with a custom-built cabinet, maximizing every available inch.

kitchen storageUpper West Side kitchen

There are pros and cons to having more than one window in the kitchen. More windows mean more natural light, which is a definite plus, but it can also mean limiting the number of upper cabinets you can fit in the space. Adding custom shelves to your exhaust hood is one smart way to make use of dead space. Another is building cabinets beneath the windows.

kitchen storage
Ron’s kitchen on the Upper East Side

Like corner cabinets, custom drawers can take advantage of tight corners where cabinets or drawers placed side-by-side would ordinarily block one another when opened.

patterned floor in a small kitchen with white kitchen cabinets and cooking range after renovationClaudia’s kitchen on the Upper East Side

If you have a few inches of space between your range and your cabinets, or in this case, your fridge, maximize your kitchen storage with a pull-out rack. It can be a handy spot for storing cutting boards, trays, spices—you name it.

kitchen storageCasey and Kumar’s kitchen in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

In a small kitchen, your work space can be fairly limited. A pull-out cutting board among cabinetry or placed below the countertop moves prep off the counter, making more room for the many other tasks that take place while cooking.

If you’re working with limited square footage, appliances designed for small spaces will let you make the most of your kitchen.

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