2022 Bathroom Technology Trends

New bathroom technology includes internet-connected product you can start on your phone

Bathroom with gray shower and floating vanity

(Above) Sweeten homeowners Dan and Emily’s vanity mirror features a digital defogger and clock

Imagine heating your bathroom floor and turning on a shower every morning from the warmth of your bed. 

That’s some of the new bathroom technology homeowners are adding to update their bathrooms, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association‘s 2022 forecast. The report, released in January, surveyed more than 700 designers, architects, contractors, and showroom managers on the latest bathroom designs.

A large number of millennial homeowners are entering the housing market and are driving this change. They care about technology that syncs with mobile devices for efficiency. These younger homebuyers also want the latest gadgets to reduce their environmental footprint. 

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Mobile app integration

Integrated bathroom technology can be found in about 20 percent of new bathrooms. A popular option is heated flooring controlled remotely through a mobile device.

Bathroom renovators are adding smart mirrors. Along with your reflection, these mirrors display useful information like the weather and your calendar. Scales that track your weight by connecting to an app are a common addition along with voice-activated showers, lighting, and toilets.

There are leak detectors that send alerts to your phone, which also activates the built-in bathroom sound system. Some bathroom tech track your vitals like body temperature and even vitamin deficiencies. 

About 25 percent of industry professionals always or sometimes enlist the help of a technology expert when they build or design a bathroom. 

Bathroom technology and sustainability

Technology is making life easier while also conserving energy. And renovators are including it in their new bathrooms. 

Top of the list is water conservation technology. This includes smart showerheads that use less water for the same shower experience, dual flush toilets, and sensory faucets that turn off when not in use.

Humidity and ventilation detectors can now adjust for when they are needed rather than endlessly running.

More popular questions

Many things can be controlled through a mobile app, such as bathroom flooring, showers, scales, and mirrors. Additionally, there are apps that will alert the homeowners if there is a leak in your bathroom.

Bathroom technology is making daily routines more convenient while conserving energy. Dual flush, sensory faucets, and smart showerheads all conserve water. Detectors for ventilation and humidity don’t have to run continuously since they can tell when they are needed.

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