2021 Kitchen Design Trends to Freshen Your Home’s Style

The most popular kitchen design trends of 2021 are guaranteed to draw eyes—and guests—into the room

integrated cabinetsWith new hope of the pandemic giving way to some sense of normalcy, people are continuing to rethink the look of their spaces. Design statements come through not only in color but in finishes and materials. What trends can you expect to see in kitchen design in 2021? We have noticed several reoccurring design themes, which are sure to be big this year.

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Kitchen design idea: A bold backsplash

An image of closeup yellow and white Moroccan tile backsplashBacksplashes make, well, a splash! Yes, the white subway tile that has dominated the past few years is still around. However, many homeowners are breaking out and going bold. You can make a big statement with an eye-catching geometric pattern or with a bright color choice. Dawn and Dave did both—they wanted to infuse their kitchen with a bit of their own personal style and flair. To do this, they selected the rich yellow Moroccan-style tile above. Mission accomplished!

Kitchen design idea: Concrete kitchen countertops

Image of concrete countertops on a kitchen islandConcrete countertops are showing up in more and more kitchens in 2021. First, they work for both modern and traditional aesthetics. Second, they can unify varying design elements, like shiny chrome fixtures with more neutral wood flooring. Lastly, they are great for the budget-conscious. Concrete is less expensive than natural stone, but with the same enduring qualities.

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For Sweeten renovators Nazli and Larry, concrete countertops were a must in their Brooklyn brownstone kitchen. “For the island and the countertops, I used poured concrete, which is a material I love,” says Nazli. “The kitchen is more traditional than I would have preferred, but I think the concrete and open shelving give it a more modern touch.” We agree.

Kitchen design idea: Pass-through windows

Image of a galley kitchen pass-through windowOriginally, pass-throughs were developed to help restaurants get food out efficiently to the wait staff, and then to customers. The convenience they provide has trickled down into kitchen design. In the home, they are functional and open up the kitchen to the living area. They are also used to make a smaller kitchen appear larger. The galley kitchen renovated by  Sweeten homeowner Emily is the perfect example. There is only a small window in the space, so adding a pass-through helps to make the kitchen feel not so closed in.

Kitchen design idea: Mixed color cabinets

Image of a built in oven with agave-colored kitchen cabinetsColor doesn’t always have to be bold. It can be subtle. Either direction you choose for your kitchen will lend a bit of design spice to the room.  From bold blues to soft greens, many renovators are looking to mix and match their cabinet colors. You don’t have to do an entirely white kitchen or all-gray cabinets. Mix in a color on the base cabinets, like these homeowners did above. They went for an agave for the lower cabinets and white for the uppers to help reflect the natural light in their Sunnyside, Queens kitchen.

Kitchen design idea: Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Image of integrated kitchen cabinetsNo homeowner has ever said they didn’t want more cabinet space when renovating their kitchen. After all, having storage space is key to a well-organized kitchen. So it is not surprising that the trend of full-wall cabinets is back in 2021. By adding a floor-to-ceiling cabinet or pantry to your kitchen, you can dramatically increase the functionality of the space. Plus, these cabinet walls give the kitchen a clean, contemporary look.

For Sweeten homeowner Lauren DeMattia, it was important to incorporate a wall of cabinets in her Brooklyn Heights apartment. She decided on this cabinet trend because of her kitchen’s layout. “I felt like opening the front door and having a seamless wall of cabinetry would help mitigate the fact that you were walking right into the kitchen,” says Lauren.

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