What Types of General Contractors Does Sweeten Work With?

Sweeten supports many different types of vetted general contractors and firms, ranging in size and specialty

Sweeten types of GCs

A wide range of general contracting firms work with Sweeten—just about anyone with a proven record of excellent home renovations in one of our service areas.

Sweeten matches general contractors with high-quality home renovation projects, vetted for readiness and appropriate budget. Contractors pay only when they win a project. Budgets start at $15,000 and average over $67,000.

Here are a few ways we look at different types of general contractors and contracting firms, and the benefits Sweeten offers each of them.

Size of the General Contracting Firm

Emerging firms are typically small firms that are still working to establish their presence and build a renovation portfolio. Sweeten works with general contracting firms that have been in business for at least six months. In addition to the Sweeten resources that help other small firms, emerging firms benefit from Sweeten’s free project photography, and our $15K minimum budget. Both help you build your portfolio and move from handyman tasks to the kinds of jobs you want. 

Small established firms, with five or fewer employees, include sole proprietorships and family-run teams. These firms, while small, have specializations and are looking for specific types of projects. You may have limited resources for marketing and finding new, appropriate leads

Sweeten offers services to help small, but established firms grow and thrive. These include a dedicated account manager, who will feel like a new team member devoted to marketing and business development. Equally important is Sweeten’s strict vetting of all leads, to make sure you’ll waste less time chasing jobs that go nowhere.

Large and established firms, with over five employees, typically devote more resources to managing work volume. Sweeten offers large, established firms a full-featured dashboard to track leads and projects. Multiple team members can be given access to the dashboard. You’ll have full control over lead flow—pausing your account, restarting it, opening up to a wider variety of job types or budgets to land some quick work, or narrowing your focus to slow the flow.

Renovate to live, Sweeten to thrive!

Sweeten brings homeowners an exceptional renovation experience by personally matching trusted general contractors to your project, while offering expert guidance and support—at no cost to you.

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You’ll also benefit from our high project values (2020 average was $67,000), and our lead vetting—we protect your time and resources from clients with the wrong kinds of jobs, or unrealistic budget expectations.

Types of General Contracting Firms

Build-only firms work from plans drawn by an outside designer or architect, or they handle basic rip-and-replace jobs. When Sweeten qualifies a project, we ask what kinds of services the client needs. We’ll give you all the important information, including if they’re already working with a designer or architect. 

Design-build firms offer full design services, either by having designers or architects on staff or by having a partnership with outside professionals. When Sweeten determines that a client will need your full services, we prepare them for the associated budget increase.

Everything in between. We work with general contracting firms that offer a wide range of design services, from basic advice on fixtures and finishes to making architect/designer referrals. We will learn your about services and your job preferences and will send you the most appropriate leads with appropriate budgets.  

Marketing Capacity

Firms with a dedicated marketing team. Sweeten offers you an even greater exposure, with opportunities for features on our blog and in the press (Architectural Digest, The Today Show, and other major outlets) which would otherwise be out of reach.

Firms without a dedicated marketing team. Sweeten offers you a free start—you get all the marketing benefits of the platform, and only pay when you win a job. And you’ll get the benefits of all our pre-qualified leads, along with our sophisticated digital ad campaigns that target only the right homeowners.

What kind of firm is yours? How can Sweeten help you win?

If you have questions for our account managers about becoming a Sweeten GC, schedule a call.

Sweeten sat down with The Contractor Fight creator Tom Reber for a 2-part series: 

Tom Reber & Sweeten: How To Grow Your General Contracting Business, Part 1

Tom Reber & Sweeten: Advice To Sharpen Your Contractor Skills, Part 2

Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, scope, and style. Follow the blog, Sweeten Stories, for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation with Sweeten.

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