Sweeten Insights: Get Personalized Stats to Grow Your Firm

Analyze your leads, success rate, and see how your firm compares to the competition with Sweeten Insights

We’re excited to announce Sweeten Insights—an expanded and upgraded version of the Performance page for current Sweeten general contractors. Along with all your firm’s performance statistics, you’ll now get tools to show how you compare to the competition.

Insights will make it easier than ever to track your progress, identify your firm’s strengths and challenges, size up your competition, and grow your business.

For Sweeten General Contractors: See your Sweeten Insights or Schedule a call with your Account Manager

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Sweeten Insights includes:

  • Opportunity Volume. How are you doing at the top of the funnel?
    • Matches – These are the potential Sweeten clients to whom we’ve shown your profile.
    • Leads – These are the Matches who have said “Yes” to your profile, who would like to discuss their project with you.
    • Introductions – These are the Leads you have declared interest in pursuing.

Info graphic showing new interfaces from the Sweeten app

  • Conversion Rate. This section is about winning jobs.
    • Introduction Rate – This metric details how many of your total Matches lead to an Introduction.
    • Site Visit Rate – Here is where we detail out the rate at which your site visit leads to sending an estimate or awarding (or winning) a project.
    • Time From Introduction to Site Visit – The average number of days it takes to get from Introduction to when you conduct the Site Visit.
    • Time from Site Visit to Estimate – The average number of days you take from when you complete a site visit to when you send an estimate to a client.
  • Responsiveness. How quickly your firm responds to first contact from leads on the Sweeten platform.
      • Competition. How are you doing compared with the top-performing general contractors on the Sweeten platform?
        • Bid compare – If a project you bid on gets awarded to someone else, we’ll show you all the other bids alongside yours.
        • Competitive insights across 9 different metrics – What do the best Sweeten GCs have in common? How do you compare against them? How do you compare against Sweeten GCs in your own market?
        • Losses explained – We’re asking homeowners why they passed on your profile or your bid, and passing the information to you. Over time this will become a richer resource.
      • All-star status*. Are you worthy of the Sweeten All-star badge?
        • We’ll show you what benchmarks you need to meet to become an All-star.
        • Coming soon: If you’re already an All-star, we’ll show you if your status is in danger of lapsing—and what to do about it.

      Info graphic showing the four categories Sweeten uses to determine All-Star GCs

      If Insights shows you areas where you’d like to improve, talk to your Account Manager! We’re always happy to work with you to make your Sweeten profile and client strategies more competitive.

      Are you finding areas where you’d like to improve? Sweeten is here as your partner. We can help with your Sweeten profile and client strategies, so you can grow your business. Contact your Account Manager any time to set up a strategy call.

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      Frequently asked questions:

      Q. What is Sweeten Insights?

      Your Company Performance page is a section on your Sweeten Dashboard that tracks all your performance statistics. You can view it any time here.

      Q. Why are performance statistics valuable?

      Your performance statistics give you a clear and objective window on your strengths and weaknesses regarding winning new jobs. They allow you to pinpoint the areas where changes would make the biggest improvement.

      They also give your Account Manager information they can use to help you improve your profile and client communications.

      An info graphic showing renovator turn-off statistics page

      Q. What time period will I see statistics for?

      You can view performance statistics for the previous month, the previous 3 months, or the previous 12 months. If you are newer to Sweeten, the longer timeframes may not yet be populated.

      Q. How can I best use this information?

      You’ll get answers to questions like:

      • Of the jobs you bid on, how many do you win?
      • Of the clients we introduce to you, how many request a site visit?
      • Of the prospective clients who see your profile, how many ask for an introduction?
      • How do you compare against the top-performing GCs in the Sweeten network nationally? Or in your market?
      • How close are you to earning All-star status?

      An info graphic showing Sweeten's bid comparison tools

      Tracking these numbers will help you and your Sweeten Account Manager improve your strategy.

      *All-star requirements: You must have won at least 3 awarded projects total. You must win 3 awards or $250k in contracts in the last 2 years, on a rolling basis. This will switch to 1 year on January 1, 2022.

      Currently, 10-15% of our GCs are all-stars.

      Working backwards like this will show you what numbers you need, as well as where you might want to improve your performance. Tracking these numbers will also help your Sweeten Account Manager make valuable strategy suggestions.

      For Sweeten General Contractors: See your Sweeten Insights or Schedule a call with your Account Manager

      Not a Sweeten general contractor? Apply today, for free.

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