True Partnership With Sweeten: Performance Categories & Setting Goals for 2021

How to Set Goals in 2021 - Sweeten for General Contractors

Three main performance categories to consider for your contracting firm

What’s the best way to grow your business in the new year? What are the proven strategies? What’s the most effective way to set goals?

Here are three performance categories to consider: Opportunities, Conversion, and Responsiveness.

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Most general contracting firms need to find new clients each year. Even repeat clients rarely bring a steady stream of projects. To win an acceptable number of new clients, you need exposure to the right number of prospective clients. You will also need exposure to the right kinds of prospective clients. You want clients who have projects suited to your services, who have an adequate budget, and who are serious and prepared. 

Getting your firm in front of the right clients saves valuable time—you’ll spend more time doing paid work, and less time discussing projects and making site visits that go nowhere. 


Of the prospective clients who see your profile, how many ask for an introduction?  Looking at your Introductions, how many clients request a site visit? Of the jobs you bid on, how many do you win?

Working backwards like this will show you what numbers you need, as well as where you might want to improve your performance. Tracking these numbers will also help your Sweeten account manager make valuable strategy suggestions. 


How quickly do you respond to new matches? To messages from prospective clients?

Slow responses are one of the most common reasons prospective clients give for declining a general contractor. Quick, enthusiastic, professional communication inspires a homeowner’s trust. Slow or unengaged responses suggest that you’ll be hard to work with or that you’re not interested in the job. 

One of the easiest ways to get a jump on your competitors: respond more quickly than they do. At Sweeten, we’re constantly improving our communication tools, to make responding as fast and easy as possible.

Check out your Company Performance Page to learn more about your progress with Sweeten. What other kinds of goals are you setting for 2021? Your Account Manager would love to know

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