Contractors: Working With Sweeten vs. the Alternatives

How personal referrals, social media marketing, and typical lead-gen services stack up against working with Sweeten

Sweeten vs competitors

You’ve got many options for finding leads. Each demands investing time and energy, and often cash. How do you choose? Of course, we’re biased—we’re pretty sure Sweeten is the best option for high-quality remodeling contractors. But it’s more than a casual opinion: we’ve sharing data to show how working with Sweeten benefits contractors.

Sweeten matches general contractors with high-quality home renovation projects, vetted for readiness and appropriate budget. Contractors win through a competitive bidding process, and pay only when they win. Budgets start at $15,000, with a 2020 average over $67,000.

Here’s why we think you’ll agree:

1. Sweeten does the most thorough job of vetting leads. 

We weed out single-trade jobs and handyman tasks. We make sure the client’s budget fits the project scope. You tell us what kinds of jobs you want—your service area, your preferred project types, your budget range. We’ll only send you the right kinds of jobs. We only accept projects with budgets higher than $15,000 with rare exceptions. Our average job value for 2020 was $67,000. 

Why we’re different:

We protect you from wasting time chasing dead-end leads. You won’t get this level of vetting from word-of-mouth referrals. You won’t get it from self-marketing on social media. You’ll get some of it from some lead-gen services—but you won’t get it all from any one of them.

2. With Sweeten, leads are free—you pay only when you win a job.

We want you to win—because we only get paid when you get paid. We will never waste your time by filling your inbox with inappropriate leads. 

Why we’re different:

You won’t get a win-win arrangement like this from social media marketing. You’ll get it from a couple of lead-gen services. Keep in mind that with social media, you pay for each click, no matter what happens next. Most lead-gen services sell the same leads simultaneously to many contractors—they maximize their income while maximizing your competition. They’re invested in keeping you paying, but not invested in your success. 

3. With Sweeten, you’ll be part of an elite network of highly vetted general contractors.

Homeowners will know you stand out from the crowd just by your Sweeten affiliation. They know that only 1 contractor out of 7 gets accepted into our network. 

Renovate to live, Sweeten to thrive!

Sweeten brings homeowners an exceptional renovation experience by personally matching trusted general contractors to your project, while offering expert guidance and support—at no cost to you.

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Why we’re different:

No one else vouches for their contractors’ qualifications the way Sweeten does. All of our GCs have cleared a multi-step vetting process that includes license and insurance confirmation, portfolio reviews, a 30-minute live interview, and conversations with former clients. We tell our clients all about it! 

4. Sweeten offers you a true partnership. We’re in it long-term to help you grow.

Because of our win-win business model, we’re committed to your success.

We give you a dedicated account manager who helps with your marketing and business development on the Sweeten platform. You’ll also have a dashboard that shows up-to-date performance statistics for your firm, offering valuable insights you can act on to win more jobs.

Why we’re different:

You won’t get any of this from referrals, social media marketing, or other lead-gen services. 

6. Project photography

There may be opportunities to take professional photography of your work and with the consent of the homeowner, the project can be featured on Sweeten’s blog. A link to your Sweeten profile will be included. At no cost to you.

Why we’re different:

No one else offers this service.

7. Content features

Our award-winning blog has nearly a million visitors annually. There may be opportunities to be quoted in some of Sweeten’s Reno 101 blog post topics or having an introductory post dedicated to you so homeowners can read more about you and your work. A link to your Sweeten profile will be included—at no cost to you. 

Why we’re different:

No one else offers a multiple award-winning blog with as impressive a readership as Sweeten.

Sweeten vs. Other Options

Sweeten competitors

Do you have any questions about how working with Sweeten can help your firm win? Schedule a call with one of our account managers:

All information in this article is true at the time of publishing (March 2021).

Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, scope, and style. Follow the blog, Sweeten Stories, for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation with Sweeten.

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