A Union Square Lobby Rolls Out a New Greeting

by Tisha Leung

The residential entrance gets organized with a grand look

lobbyThe board of directors of a Union Square residential building made the decision to update their lobby since the last remodel had been completed decades ago. They had the design in hand and needed to find a general contractor to execute their vision. They found a contractor through Sweeten, a free service matching commercial space projects with vetted general contractors, and the result was a complete refresh with floor-to-ceiling stone slab tile, repainted original crown molding, and a new package room. The revitalized space extends a daily “welcome home” and something to look forward to.

PROJECT: Residential building lobby

LOCATION: Union Square, Manhattan

RENOVATION TEAM: Sweeten general contractor

INTERVIEW WITH: Dan Nelken, Head of the Renovation Committee

lobby before renovationlobby during constructionlobby(Above) Man-made slab stone (on walls) from HG Stones; (on the floor) man-made Arizona Stone from Porcelenosa

lobby(Above) Tania 39-inch Modern Circular Chandelier in silver by VONN Lighting


Sweeten: Can you tell us about your building?

Dan: The building is a co-op/condo 10-floor residential built in 1914.

Sweeten: What led to the renovation of this new building lobby?

Dan: The lobby was last renovated over 30 years ago. The wear-and-tear on the lobby was one of the main motivating factors. The other was the need to create a package room so that all the packages that arrived every day would not be left on the lobby floor.

lobby before renovationduring construction

Our contractor had the type of team that I wish I had during my five previous renovations.

lobbylobby(Above) Package room (r.) and entry to fire stairs (l.)

Sweeten: What does the redesign achieve for the residents living there?

Dan: It created a space that was a pleasure to walk into.

Sweeten: How did you work with your Sweeten general contractor?

Dan: The design was already approved before Sweeten came into this project. Our contractor dealt with all the unexpected issues that arise in any renovation in a prompt and professional way.

The contractor would get back to me immediately with any matters or questions that I had. But more importantly, it was his professionalism and the detailed estimate he submitted that made the difference. He had the type of team that I wish I had during my five previous renovations.

lobby ceilinglobby ceilinglobby light fixtureSweeten: What kind of issues came up that your contractor helped solve?

Dan: The lobby had two existing wall-mounted lights and we had to wire for two new ceiling-mounted fixtures. The problem was the existing electrical wiring, which we were going to use, would have cut into the beautiful crown molding that wraps around the ceiling. It was solved by running the electrical up the ceiling in a separate room and through the crawl space above the lobby ceiling. This avoided any damage to the original moldings.

Thank you, Dan, for sharing your renovation with us!

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