Site Visit w/ Hutson Landscape Design

The weather is just right this week for catching up on site with our friend Corey Hutson of Hutson Landscape Design LLC. With Spring in the air, we asked Corey what he would be looking forward to most this season. He says:

“My absolute favorite are new rooftop garden designs, where I can do something truly unique. I love incorporating outdoor kitchens, showers and customizing the space to the clients’ needs.”

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Here’s Corey Hutson, owner of Hutson Landscape Design LLC

And here’s one of our favorite images of a Hutson Landscape rooftop –so serene!

Corey also told us that regardless of the project type, the most rewarding aspect is always the installation. Below, we visited with him during one of these installations. You can really see the transformation that Hutson Landscape Design team brings to this Madison Ave flower bed.

This building needed some upkeep — this year they were looking for a budget-friendly, ‘temporary’ solution to enhance the facade / pedestrian level. Next year they plan to undertake a major landscape renovation which will also include a redesign of the roof deck.

The large gaps in the planting area were the main issue to resolve.

The Hutson crew brought in this truck full of plant material that they got from Eberhard Voellm Nurseries Inc. The plants they used here include Ilex crenata Steeds (aka upright Japanese holly), and Calibrachoa (aka million bells).

Once installed it’s irrigation time!

A  great and simple face-lift for this building and the  block!

Nice job Hutson Landscape Design!

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