A Brooklyn Backyard Renovation in Progress

This week we caught up with a Sweeten general contractor who is working on an outdoor project, that he was awarded via Sweeten, in Fort Greene. This Brooklyn backyard was definitely ready for a makeover, but when the contractor initially reviewed the project, he also realized that they would have to address the non-glamourous issue of soil erosion. A fence had been put up to separate this yard from the neighbor’s yard, however with a grade difference of 30 inches the existing construction fell short of a realistic, long-term solution.

In order to secure the boundary, they built a field stone retaining wall and have begun the process of laying down a bluestone patio. In the coming weeks, they will fill the retaining areas with plantings, including hydrangea, azalea, bamboo, forsythia & irises and plant grass seed.

Jon Eklund of ecostruct llc

Here’s that original fence.

Here’s the patio area, clearly ready for a makeover.

Field stones, ready to be hauled into the yard for installation.

On our first visit the contractor brought in the stones and excavated a trench for the new retaining wall and planting area.

By our second visit the guys had made a lot of progress on the wall construction.

They had also started laying these bluestone pavers for the new patio. Behind the contractor, we can see some of the bamboo plants which will be installed in the planting beds once they’re ready.

Super heavy pavers, definitely a two man job.

Can’t wait to check back in a couple of weeks when the plants are in and the grass is all grown! 

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