10 Questions for Color Your Space

Color Your Space

10 questions for contractor: Color Your Space
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1. Your Name and your company’s name?  My name is Don Zuniga.  I have a small company called “Color Your Space.”

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2. How long has the company been in business?  I’ve been doing business for over 12 years, but only 2 years as CYS.

3. How many people work at the company?  Its a small company.  I do most of the work, and have a part-time worker.  I also know other skilled craftsmen who I work with on larger projects.

4. What is the specialty?  I specialize in Interior Painting, but I also do faux finishes, molding, and wallpaper.

5. How did you personally get into contracting?  My dad is a contractor, so I grew up working and learning on his projects.

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6. Tell us about the job you’re most proud of in your career?  About 8 years ago, when I was first starting on my own in Boston, I restored a colonial brownstone in Jamaica Plains:  the floors, tile, molding, and walls.  It was amazing to see the difference, because it was in raw, worn-out shape, and when i finished, it was immaculate.  I actually got 4 or 5 referrals from that job alone, and did some work for designers who saw my work.

7. Do you have a web site? Has it helped you get business?  I do.  My website is https://www.coloryourspace.com .  It helps business because it gives people a sense of what I do, and lets then see some of my work.  I think having a website shows people that you are invested, and legitimate, and not just a guy who started painting or doing this kind of work yesterday because he needs a way to make money.

8. Tell us about you’re most nightmarish job?  I was doing a wall repair and painting job on West 81st street and Riverside Drive a few years back.  As I was working on a wall, the entire master bedroom wall began to crumble, because the plaster  was so moist from rain damage.  THE ENTIRE WALL.  I didn’t anticipate that.  You never know what’s going to happen when you start poking a damaged wall.

9. If you could change the construction process, how would you change it?   Its difficult to answer this, since each job is wholly different from another, so the process is always changing.

10. If you weren’t a contractor, what would you be?  A lawyer.  I have a law degree, but little desire to sit in a stuffy office with a suit on.

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