When to Replace Wood Floors

Common reasons to replace hardwood floors range from cosmetic updates to doing damage control

home renovation, living room renovation, open floor plan(Above) Maggie and Adam’s new floor renovation

Natural, versatile, timeless…wood floors can last for decades or even generations. But if there’s damage after years of wear, or the stain just isn’t suited to your style, replacing them may be your best bet for safer and better-looking floors. Ahead, we share five reasons Sweeten homeowners decided to replace hardwood floors and revitalize their spaces.

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Improving the overall home design

home renovation, living room renovation, open floor plan

With low ceilings at just a little over eight feet high, Maggie and Adam worked to create an illusion of a taller height. A ceiling plan for each room was planned out by the couple. This included narrow interior doors, white walls, colorful art, and 7-inch wide hickory flooring throughout.

Adding soundproofing to floors

Murray Hill living room renovationWhen Christina decided to renovate her studio co-op in Murray Hill, the building requested that she install a layer of soundproofing. Even if soundproofing isn’t mandated, it can add a layer of ease and “acoustic comfort” to your space. And, Christina pointed out that the installation process isn’t as bad as you might think. About replacing her floors, she said: “the entire removal and installation was surprisingly a relatively fast process.”

Repairing subfloor water damage

This homeowner replaced water-damage flooring for light, wooden oak floorboards
In Sherry’s midtown apartment, the wood floors suffered from water damage.  A previous tenant had left the windows open for weeks when Sherry’s family rented the apartment out. When she was ready to move into the space, she changed out the damaged floorboards for sleek, new oak wide-paneled wood flooring.

Replacing uneven (and noisy) hardwood floors

Warm red oak wooden floors replace the once uneven, creaky wood flooring in this city apartmentWhen Katie and Marcus’ bought their apartment, they knew they’d have to replace the noisy and uneven wood floors. Their contractor started to rip open the floorboards, only to find there was no subfloor. He worked to add in new subflooring and soundproofing and replace the floors. They decided on a warm red oak that complements the exposed brick fireplace.

Reflecting more natural light

Replacing wood floors with a lighter stained wood adds a light and airy vibe to this Manhattan spaceSometimes, the best reason to make a change is the simplest: because you want to. A Manhattan couple decided replacing wood floors with a lighter finish would give their space a brighter look. Their designer helped refresh their space by painting the walls a warmer white hue and by adding translucent drapes to let in more natural light.

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