Eight Green Interior Design Ideas

Revitalize your home with the transformative power of green interior design. This guide unveils eight captivating ways to infuse your living spaces with this versatile hue. Create a serene green bedroom for restful sleep, paint a bold green accent wall to energize your living room, or design a calming sage green bathroom for a spa-like retreat. Explore various green shades to craft inviting and vibrant living rooms. Whether seeking tranquility, energy, or a connection to nature, green is your key to a harmonious and revitalized home.

Ready to embrace the green revolution in your home? Let’s dive into eight inspiring ideas for incorporating this rejuvenating color into every room.

1. Green accent wall

Make a bold statement with a single wall painted in a vibrant shade of green. Emerald, olive, or even deep hunter green—any of these vibrant shades can transform your living room, creating a stunning focal point. Pair it with neutral furniture and accents to let the color truly shine.

Penthouse remodel inspired by interior design in green

In this Upper West Side apartment renovation, the use of glossy hunter green tiles emerged as a standout feature. This bold choice not only adds a touch of personality and vibrancy to the space but also complements the apartment’s other vibrant and saturated tones.

2. Natural textures and patterns

Amplify the natural beauty of your green decor with a touch of biophilic design. Incorporate woven baskets made from rattan or seagrass for warmth, texture, and stylish storage. Introduce wooden furniture, like a coffee table or console crafted from reclaimed wood, to infuse your space with an organic and grounding element.

living room in home remodel in Culver City

Don’t forget the power of living plants.  Whether it’s a lush fiddle-leaf fig tree, a cascading pothos vine, or a collection of succulents arranged on a shelf, greenery not only purifies the air but also adds a vibrant pop of color and a sense of serenity. This is a fantastic way to elevate your living room or any space with a refreshing touch of nature that complements your green decor beautifully.

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3. Inviting green living rooms

Turn your living room into a lush oasis with a touch of green! Imagine sinking into a plush sofa in a rich moss green, its soft texture inviting you to relax and unwind. Frame your windows with leafy patterned curtains that filter the sunlight and create a playful ambiance. Adorn your walls with botanical artwork or prints, showcasing the beauty of nature’s greenery. And why not go bold? A fresh coat of green paint on your walls can truly elevate the space, bringing the tranquility of the outdoors inside.

apartment with green interior walls

4. Statement furniture pieces

Invest in a statement furniture piece in a bold shade of green to instantly transform your space. In this renovation, a striking forest green velvet sofa anchors the living room, injecting a sense of drama and luxury into the otherwise neutral palette. A similar bold choice, such as a lacquered emerald side table or a vintage avocado green cabinet, can serve as a focal point and add a touch of personality and sophistication to any room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and finishes to find a piece that speaks to your unique style.

5. Serene green-themed bedroom

Craft a peaceful sanctuary for rest and relaxation with green bedroom interior design. Incorporate various shades of green into your bedroom decor, such as calming sage walls, lush botanical prints on bedding, or a cozy armchair upholstered in forest green velvet. Complete the tranquil ambiance with green decor accents like plants or a nature-inspired painting.

green bedroom interior design with flower and wooden chair

6. Characterful green bathroom

Infuse your bathroom with bold, beautiful green accents. Take inspiration from the beautiful wallpaper design featured in one of the bathroom renovation projects posted on Sweeten. These patterns add personality and vibrancy to the space, while their reflective surface enhances natural light, making the bathroom feel more spacious and airy. For a touch of character, consider patterned tiles or a unique mosaic wallpaper design. Incorporate vintage fixtures or reclaimed wood accents for a truly one-of-a-kind bathroom.green and white bathroom wallpaper in this green interior design remodel

7. Green kitchen accents

Inject a touch of vibrancy into your kitchen with green accents. Consider painting your kitchen island a deep forest green, adding pops of chartreuse with dish towels or ceramics, or incorporating green plants on your windowsill.

remodeled kitchen with green cabinets by a Los Angeles general contractor with Sweeten

This Laurel Canyon renovation showcases the transformative power of thoughtful, sustainable design. By seamlessly blending the home’s original mid-century charm with contemporary updates, the architects breathed new life into the space while honoring its history. The addition of expansive windows, vaulted ceilings, and a lush green landscape not only enhances the home’s aesthetics but also fosters a deeper connection to the surrounding environment.

8. Artwork and accessories

Elevate your green haven with carefully curated artwork that celebrates botanical motifs, lush landscapes, or abstract interpretations of nature. Scatter playful patterns like ferns, leaves, or floral designs. Introduce textured elements with woven throw blankets or a chunky knit pouf in olive or moss green. Arrange vases of varying heights and shapes, showcasing fresh greenery or dried botanicals for a touch of natural elegance. Let your creativity flow as you combine different shades, patterns, and textures of green to create a personalized and harmonious look that reflects your unique style and love for nature.

Home office kitchen with green interiors and design

Green, in its myriad of shades, transforms any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and vibrancy. From rich emerald to soothing sage, its versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate green into a wide array of interior design styles, offering a refreshing alternative to more conventional neutrals.

Whether you choose to make a bold statement with a green accent wall or infuse subtle touches of green through textiles and accessories, you will create a space that exudes harmony and balance. Let these ideas spark your creativity as you embark on a journey to create a home that is both visually stunning and environmentally responsible.

To help you plan your renovation, we’ve also published articles on different design inspirations, processes, and cost guides to ensure a smooth and successful project. Ready to transform your home with green? Sweeten can connect you with qualified professionals who specialize in stylish and effective renovations.

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