Gray Kitchen Cabinets: The Right Amount of Color

A friendly and classic neutral for kitchen cabinets outside of white

gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

From light to dark gray, the hue fits your style

If you are remodeling your kitchen and want to keep your options open, gray kitchen cabinets are a smart choice. The number of gray tones to choose from are vast. This provides you any number of design choices to create the mood you want in your kitchen.

Dark gray kitchen cabinets create a sophisticated or moody feeling. Light gray is fresh and airy. The color’s adaptability allows you to keep your current appliances if you wish: black, white, and stainless all work with gray.

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light gray kitchen cabinets

Popular questions

The neutrality of gray means it pairs well with color. Match white uppers with gray lowers to maintain a clean look, but soften the starkness of all-white. A green, blue, or wood-toned island adds interest and a connection to nature. Yellow on the walls cheers up the space. 

Gold, leather, black, brushed nickel, chrome, white—flexibility is gray’s best friend. For a starker contrast, pair a dark hardware, like black, with light gray kitchen cabinets. Tone down the contrast by coupling dark hardware with dark gray cabinets. Or, choose the reverse and go light all around.

Being too trendy is a matter of preference. Want to be on-trend? Go with gray. If you are worried about style-staying power, consider that color trends in home design are slow to transition. Play it safer and complement gray with wood tones or brick textures to add a classic and lasting element. 

dark-gray-kitchen-cabinets-and white countertops

This classic neutral is a trend that seems to be here for the long haul.  However, if you tire of it over time, you can easily change up the mood. For example, add pops of color in less permanent décor, like throw rugs, hand towels, curtains, wall paint, and small countertop appliances.

That’s the benefit of choosing a neutral: you’re less tied to one look. Gray is a solid option, whether it’s a complete kitchen renovation, or refreshing old, kitchen cabinets.

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