Old house

  • A Sleek Interior for a Simple 1920s House

    Keeping the same layout, a remodel spins a dramatic new look. These homeowners saw an opportunity when they happened on this modest 1920 house in Midwood, Brooklyn. The 1,200-square-foot single-family, clad in faux-brick, was dated, lacked the architectural details one might expect to see in homes of its era—and also required an electrical overhaul. The […]

  • Remodeling an Old House: What to Know

    Giving new life to a vintage home, from additions and energy efficiency to layout changes You chose that turn-of-the-century Victorian, ‘20s beach bungalow, or mid-century modern ranch for its character. But those “so 1980s” oak and laminate cabinets—yikes! A sunroom or extra bedroom and bath would be amazing. Seriously, the old house needs a remodeling […]

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