• The Cons of DIY in Home Renovations

    DIY’ing your full home renovation is tempting…but should you really do it? Here, Sweeten lays out the cons of DIY for home renovations. This is a do-it-yourself, do-it-all maker culture. Fueled by enough YouTube videos, a homeowner can feel emboldened to take on anything—even a DIY home renovation. It’s natural to be undecided about whether […]

  • Real Examples of When and When Not to DIY

    Wallpaper, yes. Demo, definitely not. Let’s face it: there are just some projects you can do yourself and others that need a professional. At Sweeten, a free service that matches renovators with general contractors, we take a pretty hard stance on that fact. Numbers also show that homeowners often regret taking on DIY projects. According […]

  • The Renovating Do’s and Don’ts About DIY

    What to do yourself vs. leave to the general contractor during a renovation Whether for budgetary reasons or because you’d like to contribute some sweat equity to your new home, you might be tempted to take on a portion of the renovation yourself. Depending on how you rank on the handiness scale, you may be […]

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