The Sweeten Standard And Our Commitment To You

Sweeten’s mission is to help everyone create a space they love. We know that even a little change to your surroundings can make a big impact in your life. We are here to help you create that change. 


Our commitment to you is the Sweeten Standard: tools designed to ensure a better way to renovate, a network of trusted general contractors, best practices for working with your contractor, and Sweeten support from start to finish. 


We interview and screen general contractors, provide a scope definition tool, and send you a selection of experienced, qualified contractors to meet. We offer secure and transparent messaging and payment tools so that you can confidently and safely work with your contractor.  In the very unlikely event that you’ve paid for work that wasn’t done, and you cannot get your contractor’s bond or insurance to compensate you, you’ll be covered by Sweeten’s own financial protection policy.


We check in regularly throughout your renovation and we’re here to help if you need our support. Your team at Sweeten is just an email away: you can always email [email protected]. You’ll receive a response within 1 business day.


We draw on our experience with thousands of renovations to offer advice and answer questions when you need it. Renovations are complex, stress-inducing undertakings even in the best of circumstances. Sweeten is ready to support you and your team at any point during your renovation. 


We stand behind our contractors’ work.


If the client / contractor relationship becomes strained, we can help both sides express their needs and settle differences. 


We have long-term relationships with contractors in our network that help us all work through challenges constructively. 


If resolution is not possible -- and if you have paid for something that has not been delivered and your contractor is unwilling or unable to resolve the issue, Sweeten will work with you to complete the project. 


In addition to the insurance coverage all Sweeten general contractors carry, your project is backed by our commitment to protect you from losses of up to $50,000. We call this Sweeten's Renovation Financial Protection. Read more here.