Sweeten Profile FAQs for General Contractors

Sweeten wants you to be successful on our platform. The first step is having a complete and informative profile to attract homeowners who want to renovate.

Please be sure to download the Sweeten General Contractor App (iOS App Store, Google Play) to stay up to date on your project matches and notifications!

What is my Sweeten profile?

It’s the page on our site that presents you and your work to potential clients. It’s where they’ll learn about you, so they can decide if they want us to introduce you with a call or site visit.

Your profile makes your first impression. The most successful profiles include a large portfolio of past projects, details on specializations, and many positive reviews.

How can I improve my Sweeten profile?


Photos of your most successful projects are your strongest selling tool. Try to choose photos that look great. Choose photos that prove you can do the kinds of jobs you’re trying to win.

How do I upload pictures onto my Sweeten profile?
To upload pictures, go to your portfolio page. Most contractors upload anywhere from 5-10 portfolio projects to get started. Our system favors profiles based on the quality and content of photos. A high-quality portfolio gets you ranked higher and helps you wins leads.

How do I change the first picture shown on my profile? I want the best picture to show first.
Contact [email protected]. We’ll be able to help you reorder photos once they are uploaded to a project. By default, your most recently uploaded project will display first on your portfolio—so save the best for last when building your profile.

Any problems uploading pictures? Reach out to [email protected] for help.


Reviews from your past clients are almost as important as your portfolio. Prospective clients want to know that you’ve made people like them happy.

How do I request reviews for my Sweeten General Contractor Profile?
To request reviews for your Sweeten Profile, go to your reviews page. Most GCs request 3-5 references to start and request additional references a few times a year. Recent reviews impress prospective clients, and help you to rank higher in our matching algorithm.

I have reviews on another site. Can I use those here?
You can include clients that you acquired outside of Sweeten—but your Sweeten profile can only display reviews that you request through the Sweeten Dashboard.

We’ll assure your clients that we never share their contact information with anyone. We won’t use their information for any purpose besides verifying their reference.


While it’s not required, we recommend adding a profile photo. It puts a face to your name. Clients find it reassuring to see a familiar face at their door. Your photo doesn’t need to come from a professional photographer— just make sure that it’s appropriate. It will be the face of your business.

Where do I upload my profile photo?
You can upload or edit your profile photo on your info page.


Sweeten clients will read your company description on your profile before deciding to meet with you. This is your firm’s elevator pitch. We encourage you to describe your company as if you are speaking with the client in person.

What should I include in my company description?
Consider including the answers to the following:

My profile includes a list of “Typical Projects.” How can I expand this?
The list of Typical Projects is generated automatically when you upload portfolio projects, and select the “space type.” If you added only kitchen projects, your Typical Projects will only include kitchens. Try to include portfolio projects that represent the full range of jobs you’re trying to win. The greater the diversity of your projects, the more clients we’ll introduce to you.

Can I add my business partner or another member of my team to my Sweeten account?
Yes, you can. To add another user to your Sweeten account, go to your team page. You’ll need your team member’s email address. Send them an invitation using the “Invite Members" button.

Every team member that you add will have access to your Sweeten Dashboard and In-App Messages.

How do I add or edit my company description?
You can write or edit your description on your description page.

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