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Get hired faster! Deposits go directly to your bank account in 1–2 business days. Your client pays with a click, in response to your request. You pay no fees.
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Why you’ll love Sweeten Secure Pay

You’ll get hired faster with Secure Pay

Clients respond directly to your deposit requests; funds are available in your account in 1–2 business days.

Clients want to pay through Sweeten

71% of homeowners on our platform prefer to pay through Sweeten. Gain a competitive advantage by giving them what they want.

Clients want to pay by credit card

78% of Sweeten clients prefer to pay by credit. Now you can accept cards without paying card fees.

Frequently asked questions

You’ll send a deposit request, straight from your Sweeten dashboard. The client will get an alert to review the request. It’s just one step for them to approve payment.

You’ll get notified immediately when your client has approved payment. This lets you know funds are on the way. Funds will be available in your bank account in 1–2 business days.

You pay no transaction fees, even on credit card payments.

You’ll get a notification by email when the client approves a payment. You’ll also see payment status on your deposits dashboard.

Clients can respond much more quickly to your deposit request—they pay digitally, right from their Sweeten dashboard, with a few clicks. In addition to convenience, Secure Pay offers them the confidence of a trusted 3rd party payment network. They’re less likely to hesitate.

Payments through Secure Pay clear faster than a check, and don’t require mailing or in-person delivery.

As far as cash, homeowners are unlikely to keep enough under their mattresses! No one likes the danger and inconvenience—and the lack of financial protections—of procuring and delivering thousands of dollars in cash.

71% of homeowners on our platform have said that they’d prefer to be able to pay digitally, directly through Sweeten’s platform. 78% said they’d prefer to pay by credit card. You’ll get badges on your profile showing that you take Secure Pay for credit cards and ACH, which will distinguish you from firms that don’t.

Homeowners are often afraid that contractors will run off with their money. Paying through a trusted 3rd party fosters confidence and peace of mind.

Right now it’s only available for deposits, to get you hired and started as quickly as possible. But we’re working on making it available for all payments. Stay tuned!

You’ll be paid directly by the client. Sweeten saves you the headache of having to open up an account with a payment processor, negotiating a rate with them and paying a fee for each transaction. By being a part of the Sweeten network, you get access to this free service.

Yes, for now—you’ll need to upload a signed contract to Sweeten before you have access to Secure Pay.

In an upcoming release, we’ll allow you to request deposits earlier, so you’ll have the flexibility to use the deposit as part of the contract signing process.

So long as the bank account that you link to Sweeten Secure Pay is the same account linked to your Quickbooks account, you’ll see deposits come through as you would any other ACH payments.

Absolutely not! You’ll continue to receive a separate invoice that you can pay by ACH or credit card within 30 days.

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