Sweeten hand-picks the best experts for your renovation project


Getting Started

Plus What is Sweeten?

Homeowners contemplating renovations are up against two daunting tasks: finding the right professionals and keeping the project on track. Sweeten helps homeowners make sense of the home renovation process - we are your personal renovation matchmakers. Tell us what you’re looking to accomplish in your home, and we’ll introduce you to a selection of experts who have the right skills for your project, at your budget, and who are interested in and available for the job. You can read reviews about our experts, meet them personally, consider their bids, and move ahead with your project on your terms.

Plus Is Sweeten just like Angie's List?

No, Sweeten actively customizes expert matches for homeowners and provides customer service support and online tools to help homeowners make sure that each project represents a viable renovation plan with a realistic budget and timeline. Before you decide which professionals to enlist, Sweeten team members work closely with Sweeten experts to ensure that you receive timely and efficient site visits and estimates. After you have awarded your project, Sweeten tracks the estimated cost, start dates, and time lines to keep your renovation on track.

Plus How do I know if my project is right for Sweeten?

Transformative renovation projects are generally the best fit. This typically means projects that start around $10,000 and up, and projects that require professionals like general contractors, architects, interior designers, millworkers, or landscape designers. If you want to renovate your kitchen or a bathroom, or put in custom shelving, or re-do your floors, or re-think your outdoor space, or gut your condo, or restore your brownstone, your project is right for Sweeten! To get an idea of what transformative renovation projects look like, check out this Clinton Hill kitchen, this interior re-design, this backyard update, this Greenpoint roof deck, this Williamsburg townhouse renovation, and this Gowanus rowhouse gut.

Plus Do I need to live in New York City to post a project on Sweeten?

We are currently focused on matching homeowners with professionals in New York City but we’re excited to bring these ideas to other areas soon!

Plus Tell me more about Sweeten experts. Who are they and how do you know that they do quality work?

Sweeten experts are independent, local professionals who have been hand-selected by the Sweeten Team via a rigorous application process. We screen professionals for communication skills, commitment to their craft and trade, dedication to customer service, and a transparent working process. Once we've confirmed the credentials and experience of a Sweeten expert, we add them to our network and match them with homeowners who need specific skills and services to get work done.

Plus Do I have to work with a Sweeten expert if I post my project?

Sweeten experts are awesome, so we definitely recommend working with them! However, you are under absolutely no obligation to do so. If you post a project on Sweeten.com and then decide not to move forward, that's ok, too. It is all up to you!

Plus How do I become an expert in the Sweeten Network?

Plus How does Sweeten make money?

Sweeten is completely free for homeowners. When Sweeten experts are awarded projects through our site, they pay us a modest 1%-5% commission. Because Sweeten experts are competing independently with one other and with other local professionals, they can't afford to be any more expensive than their competitors, and because we save our experts time and money with business development, our process doesn’t result in extra costs or inflated quotes for homeowners.

Plus Where did Sweeten's name come from?

Just like the saying, 'home, sweet home’ - we’re here to help you Sweeten your home!

Using the Website

Plus Can I read reviews about Sweeten architects and contractors from other homeowners?

Yes - feedback from our community is a central part of making sure you have what you need to select the right professional for your project. Every Sweeten expert has a profile page. After you post your project and get matched with potential experts, you can view information about each expert, background and specialization, photos from projects they have completed, and reviews from homeowners. To see reviews on a Sweeten expert's profile page, click View under References.

In addition to reviews from individual homeowners, the Sweeten Team carefully tracks project status and feedback from homeowners. If an expert gets three negative reviews, we remove them from our network of professionals.

Plus I have multiple projects. What is the best way to post them?

It's generally best to condense your projects into one post, using the most significant portion of your project as a starting point. Specify the extra details in the "Refine" step, and be sure to adjust your budget to cover all of the work.

If you’re still unsure about posting, we can help! Just give us a ring at 212-671-1713 or email team@sweeten.com.

Plus I'm trying to upload an image. What are the file requirements for image uploads?

You can upload image files up to 5MB using the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, or .pdf.

What Happens Next?

Plus Are you guys involved in making sure a contractor delivers within a particular timeframe and budget?

Yes - the Sweeten Team follows the project and regularly checks in with homeowners and professionals to make sure things are on track. You'll hear from us right from the start to make sure that your experts have scheduled site visits and provided timely estimates, and we'll check in with you once work gets underway to see how things are going. Our experts know that we are tracking the process and checking in with you - that transparency helps all of us communicate more clearly, and it directly informs our relationships with our experts.

Plus Does payment to contractors go through Sweeten or do I deal directly with the contractor?

You and your contractor will work directly with one another to finalize and handle payment.

Plus My question is not here - what do I do?

Just give us a ring at 212-671-1713 or email team@sweeten.com.