theSweeten, Through the Eyes of the Intern

by Shera Nuss

Many of you know of as the amazing renovation-matching, content-friendly website that you frequent for several reasons. Perhaps you posted a project to the site, or know of someone who has. Maybe you have read about theSweeten in NY Magazine, or are one of our qualified members. Regardless of what has brought you here, I have a great post in store for you that will provide insight into the inner workings at theSweeten office, through my eyes, the Intern!


My name is Joshua Lee, and I have been enthusiastically spending my summer break helping theSweeten team, while also learning from these prestigious professionals along the way. For the other ¾ of the year, I study Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois. I was born and raised in New Jersey and it has been a great experience to work at theSweeten office, not only because of the amazing staff, but because it is close to home. Now that you know a little bit about me, lets dive into theSweeten office!


The cozy Chrystie Street office is a great working environment that simply epitomizes a start-up. The space is small, so theSweeten team lines the walls with tables and white boards to create space-efficient workstations, or as Preeti, Head of Operations, likes to call them, “Command Centers.” With Scheckter’s organic Power of Nature energy drinks (coined as P.O.N.’s) as fuel in the tank, the office is busy working on projects such as our looming collaboration with one of NYC’s major real estate firms, and the Sweeten Index, a project that I am currently working closely on.


Sweeten Index is a challenging project that Jean, aka “Boss Lady,” came up with. Her idea was to create an index that measures relative levels of residential renovation activity across neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. When we started the project, Jean told me to review the S&P 500 index’s methodology and the Department of Buildings’ data sets, and I began to think I was in over my head. However, working with Peter and Jean we’ve made some great progress in creating a unique index that does not have a clear predecessor. It’s pretty amazing that I got to take part in this project that went from idea to development and usage in just one summer.


theSweeten’s staff is focused on innovation and design, to create something meaningful and new to the City of New York, and one day, the US. This not only includes creative work shepherded by Shera, but also innovative tech work done by the tech team that’s lead by Peter & Joe. Finally, the Community Specialist, Jill, is hot on the switchboard, keeping tabs on theSweeten members and building our community relations.

Working towards creative ideas is difficult and taxing, and as the Intern, I periodically make runs to Whole Foods to invigorate the office with a few treats! Jill, Jean, & Shera love their P.O.N.’s & chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, while Preeti shamefully has a hardboiled egg addiction. The eggs always stink up the office, but theSweeten family nest doesn’t mind.



This past summer working at theSweeten has been the best experience in my career development to date, and I’m glad that I was able to share some interpersonal and professional aspects of theSweeten office. Not only have I learned a significant amount about how start-ups function, but I have done so under a successful staff.


Now that I have shared my experience and insight with you, let theSweeten help you with your renovation project!

Post your project today, and take a step closer to living in your ideal home.

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