Sweeten Staff Picks: Best of 2016

by Anne Zhou

We have so much fun telling the stories of how people come to Sweeten to find a contractor and the renovation challenges they conquer in creating spaces they love. Behind the scenes, Sweeten’s team is constantly tracking projects and helping each renovator as work goes from start to finish. Trends and styles and colors of the year can change, but one thing never gets old: When our photographers send a brand new file of photos straight from a finished project, we drop everything to see what gorgeous new home will be on our blog next.

To wrap up 2016, we asked our team to share some of their favorite Sweeten stories. It’s as fascinating to see their picks as it is to see our homeowners’ personal design decisions. Read on to see what topped the list… I have too many favorites to choose just one!

Happy holidays,

Jean Brownhill, Founder and CEO

jill louisa

Jill, the Director of Business Development: I love how Meredith modernized the space in her Brooklyn tudor but still kept the original archway.

Louisa, the Intern: My favorite detail was the Flavor Paper wallpaper that finally found its home in the bathroom. Not only is that paper certifiably rad, I loved that the family had been holding onto it for a while, waiting to find where it belonged.




Shera, the Creative Director: I always love a classic bathroom, but I LOVE, LOVE Meredith’s modern interpretation. This space really captures the spirit of history but in a surreal mash-up with 21st century luxuries, and the nuanced blue tiles make it even more dreamlike. Some may look at this space and see a bathroom… I see Magritte!




Cory, the Software Engineer: I love Eric’s woodwork kitchen because of the craftsmanship (new hobby of mine)!

kitchen open shelving


Kerry, the Director of Communications: Samina’s historic window renovation is a personal favorite of mine – the saga of dealing with unsealed windows and the Landmarks Commission sounds like misery, and then you see this beyond gorgeous and serene finished wall of windows overlooking Union Square. This is also when Sweeten began to look at different ways of showing homeowners in their own homes—that evolution has been really fun for us. I love watching our creative team think about how to capture space and people, and this was a first foray toward a new look.



 cynthia tyler

Cynthia, the Graphic Designer: I love the matte black finishes in Maria and Eric’s apartment renovation, especially the contrast of white marble that makes the sink faucet stand out even more. Plus, I love matte everything.

Tyler, the Marketing Manager: I love the matte black fixtures, the floor tiles, and the inset shelving in Maria and Eric’s bathroom. My ideal color scheme for a bathroom renovation – light, bright and clean.



anne  roger

Anne, the Digital Communications Manager: I love the neutral color palette and warm, minimalist aesthetic in Joel and Eric’s kitchen. You can tell they really thought holistically, incorporating different colors and materials in a cohesive way.

Roger, the Software Engineer: I really like the minimalist design of kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures in Joel and Eric’s apartment renovation. It looks bright, comfortable, and easy to clean!




Kenny, the QA Engineer: I like Sophia and Leon’s kitchen because of the huge change from a very outdated and cluttered kitchen to something modern and most importantly: more welcoming.

uws kitchen renovation


Randi, the Chief Marketing Officer: I really really love how Lia found her contractor by just happening to see another Sweeten project with her same view of the Domino Sugar Factory! You can tell how happy they are in their new space.

exposed wood beams



Jennifer, the Office Manager: The colorful green floor tile in Kavi’s bathroom really wakes up the almost all-white space, making it feel a lot brighter and more interesting than many white rooms.



Katherine, the Business Development Manager: I loved how Steve and Lauren hid their toaster in the cabinetry and thought it was really clever to have it pop up to counter height.

Patrick, the Senior VP of Sales: Love the corner drawer in Ron’s kitchen – such an awesome idea!




Miranda, the Account Manager: I loved the huge transformation in Henry’s East Village apartment. The original bathroom was completely bizarre with the tub enclosed by three walls (like a 1960’s elevator, but with a toilet). Applause for Henry and Louie for being able to see past the obvious flaws to envision this super cool bachelor pad.




Keziah, the Intern: I love all of our blog posts, honestly! But since I have to pick one, my favorite is this bathroom renovation. Ellen and her contractor collaborated with each other seamlessly and both were super resourceful — the homeowner thought to use a nightstand as a sink vanity, which looks amazing!




Preeti, the Chief Operating Officer: I love all the moving parts in Frans and Dalal’s studio apartment!

sliding accordion doors

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