Site visit with Wellbuilt Company

by Jean

Each week we visit a member of Sweeten network to check out what they are working on. This week we’re in Midtown East with Wellbuilt Company. The owners of this three-bedroom apartment hired Mitch Kidd and his team, at Wellbuilt, to make some home improvements focused around their little ones. In the kitchen they opted to replace the ceramic tile because it was slippery and dangerous with the kids running around. They are having a glue-down wood floor installed instead which should prove safer underfoot. They are also repainting the entire apartment using a low VOC paint with a semi-gloss finish to make it easy to wipe away handprints and other markings made by their twins.

The diffused reflections on the wall show the semi-gloss finish in the kitchen.

With the tile removed, the existing concrete slab is exposed and prepared for installation of the new floor.

The island had to be pushed back a few feet to allow for full lengths of the flooring to be installed under it.

Plaster is being patched in the living room.

Everything was covered in plastic, but somehow this monkey seemed to be able to escape!

This alligator wasn’t so lucky.


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