Site Visit with Surfside Detail

by Shera Nuss

Each week we visit a member of Sweeten network to check out what they are working on. This week we’re on the site of a Sweeten project in the Upper West Side with Surfside Detail, Inc. Owner Denise, with some help from her crew, completed this shelving project in only a few days! Surfside’s design for the plumbing conduit + wood plank assembly follows the DIY archetype made popular on The Brick House design blog. Once all the planning was done, the team’s quick process consisted of shopping, priming, painting & finishing; and finally, the installation.

We caught up with Denise & Francis as the unit was taking shape during the final install.

The wooden planks were finished with a dark walnut stain.

Up close, the pipe fittings hold things in place.

And light reflects a dark walnut sheen.

Almost finished…

And the finished unit –making both an attractive display, & an economic storage solution!

Great job Surfside Detail!



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