Site visit with Hudson Cabinetry Design

by Jean

Doug Bialor, Owner of Hudson Cabinetry Design, in his shop. 

Each week we visit a member of Sweeten network to check out what they are working on. Doug of Hudson Cabinetry Design walked us through the process of creating one of their amazing, custom cabinets. Thanks Doug!

Before…the client had a jumbled mess of clothing and other items in need of better storage.

Cabinet parts being cut in the workshop by one of Hudson Cabinetry Design’s skilled craftsmen.

The completed cabinet is test assembled in the workshop in order to fit the doors and drawers prior to being disassembled for finishing and transport to the installation.

The installation – the cabinet is carefully assembled and installed piece by piece in the client’s home.

As part of the installation, they carefully trim the cabinets to account for all the irregularities in the existing floors and walls. This ensures that the  cabinets fit and operate perfectly.

The completed storage unit.

A beautiful, functional built-in cabinetry piece with plenty of storage for clothing and other items, as well as a TV that faces the bed.


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