Site visit with caseworks architects

by Jean

Each week we visit a member of Sweeten network to check out what they are working on. This week we’re on the Upper West Side with caseworks architects. The owners of this 3 bedroom apartment wanted to unify the look and feel of their space. Caseworks created a modern neutral palette with rich natural walnut doors and expansive solid hardwood floors to match, making the space visually cohesive.  On the day of our visit the floors were being sanded which meant that everything had to be off the floor. We went to the site after the dust had settled as the process is intense and creates an incredible amount of air-born particles. Hachoo!

Dust ready for removal, the floors will need to be dust free for finishing.

In the new kitchen everything had to be placed on the counter tops. The appliance bases were protected because the machinery used to sand the floors is a bit unwieldy, it can damage surfaces with the slightest bump.

There were brooms and dust piles in almost every room.

Rooms without wood flooring, like this bathroom, were protected then filled to the brim with the contents of the job site.

Caseworks designed beautiful full height walnut veneer doors that are featured throughout the apartment.

Soss invisible hinges allow for minimal visual interruptions in the  door jamb.

The front door being prepared for a new coat of paint.

Back at the caseworks office Dijana showed us the demolition plan and photos of what the apartment looked like before.

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